17Aug 2021

Information on the enrolment procedure for students in second and upper year of study for winter semester of Academic year 2021/2022

Dear students, Academic year 2021/2022 begins on 13th September 2021. The enrolment procedure for the winter semester of academic year 2021/2022 for second or upper year of study shall be performed only electronically through the WEBSTUDENT platform. In order to fulfil the registration requirements, you shall follow the steps: Pay …

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10May 2021

Click’n Win 2021

Dear colleagues, Our annual sports event for e-game enthusiasts is now upon us! We are certain that you are eagerly awaiting your new opponents behind the screen or on the other side of the table. Like last time, certain regulations have been put in place to ensure the safety of …

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09May 2021

Summer Rector’s Cup 2021

Dear Colleagues, We have the pleasure of announcing that the “Summer Rector’s Cup” tournament is back after its two-year hiatus. What better way is there to bring in some variety in your daily schedule than to enjoy a good tournament under the warm summer sun during the pandemic? We take …

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