Training “Let’s talk about sex!”

Dear collegues,

We would like to inform you about the new training “Let’s talk about sex!” on 14.05.2019 at 18:30 in 3rd Auditorium , which is offered to all clinical students at Medical University of Varna.

This 2-hour training aims to:

  • Increase your sensitivity and general awareness about STIs in the medical field;
  • provide you with up to date knowledge on STIs;
  • improve doctor-patient communication regarding sexual health, STIs and drug use;
  • break down personal barriers and boundaries in communication;
  • offer you the opportunity to practice techniques for sensitive and attentive conversation within small groups.

The training is offered by the DAH (German AIDS Society) in association with the Students Council of Medical University-Varna and AMSB- Varna. It provides an overview about sexual transmitted infections and is carried out by trained medical specialists and consultants. The training offered at Medical University-Varna will be held by Helmut Hartl. He is a dermatologist and since 1995 involved in HIV and STI medicine. In 1996 he started work as a trainer for the DAH in the fields of HIV, STI, hepatitis and communication.

Together with the Berlin Charité and Goethe University- Frankfurt the DAH has developed this teaching module for the training of medical students. The module will enable students to gain knowledge about sexual health, diagnosing and treating STIs, as well as to learn more about today’s lives of people living with associated diseases. Through role-playing games the students learn how to carry out sexual-medical-doctor-patient talks in a patient-oriented manner. For further information on the the project click here: click here.

!!! To sign up for the training: click here.