The Students at MU-Varna Performed Brilliantly at the Sports Tournament “8th December Cup”

The official award ceremony of the student tournament “8th December Cup”, organized by the Municipality of Varna on the occasion of the holiday of the Bulgarian students, was held on 23rd November in Yunashki Salon.

This year’s programme included mini-soccer, volleyball, bowling, streetball 3×3, swimming, table tennis and athletics cross-race, with more than 450 students taking part in the competitions.

Approximately 30 contestants took part in the table tennis tournament, which was conducted under the individual-team scheme. In the individual rankings the students at MU-Varna won the gold medals, both in the men’s and women’s competitions. First among the women is Elizaveta Pugachova, and among the men – Ivo Yordanov. The silver medal also fell into the hands of a student at MU -Varna – Tsvetomir Yankov. In the men’s team ranking the University team won the prestigious second place, and the women medics won the gold once again.

The 3 x 3 streetball tournament was held in the renovated sports hall at Medical University – Varna. Nine men’s and seven women’s teams competed since each university had the right to participate with two teams. The teams of Medical University – Varna, both men’s and women’s, were the uncompromising winners, and well-deservedly they were awarded with the gold medals. In the volleyball tournament the bronze medal went to the medics as well.

76 students from the six Varna universities took part in the swimming competition. The main rivals were MU – Varna and UE – Varna. In women’s 50 m butterfly Antoniya Stoyanova ranked first, and Tsvetelina Keryazova – third. In the same discipline in the men’s competition, the medics won medals for second and third place – respectively Pavel Kamenov and Arseniy Beketov. In women’s 50 m backstroke the first three places were for the students at MU -Varna – Marie Vetter, Nelle Rudolph and Yoana Tomova, and in men’s – Arseniy Beketov took the silver medal. In women’s 50 m breaststroke Nelle Rudolph and Stephanie Semerdzhieva ranked respectively second and third. Mihail Denev was second among men. In women’s 50m freestyle Tsvetelina Keryazova from MU-Varna achieved a tournament record with time 0.30.76 min. Antoniya Stoyanova ranked straight after her. In the men’s competition in the same discipline the third place was for Pavel Kamenov. In the relay 5 x 50 m freestyle 3 men / 2 women MU-Varna won the gold once again with its team – Botsaris, Keryazova, Kamenov, Stoyanova, Beketov, finishing with time 2.20.67 min. In the swimming tournament MU – Varna won the first place with 570 points in the final complex ranking.

The students from the University bowling team won second place and silver medals with 1019 points.

About 50 participants competed in the athletics cross. The women’s distance was 1000m and the men’s – 2000m. The champion among the women is Radostina Peycheva from MU-Varna, achieving time 3.33 min, while Irena Stoyanova ranked third. The honorary third place in the men’s race was achieved by the athlete from Medical University – Varna Stefan Mihaylov, who ran 2000m in 7.00 min. Similar to the previous years the individual results were the basis for the women’s and men’s team rankings as well as the complex ranking among the universities, where MU-Varna ranked second.

After a week-long highly competitive battle, the mini-soccer winners at “8th December Cup” were announced. The boys from the team of MU-Varna won the silver medals.

The Student Council of MU-Varna congratulates all students on their brilliant performance and wishes them new achievements!

Veronika Stoyanova