Student in Pharmacy at MU-Varna Has Won the First Place in the Oldest Swimming Marathon in Our Country – Galata-Varna

Once a year, on the first Sunday of August, you can cross the Varna Bay, relying solely on your own strength and stamina. Arseniy Beketov, a first-year student at Medical University – Varna, who swam the distance of 4,5 km for 51 minutes and 24 seconds, turned out to be the most resilient swimmer this year.

Professional swimmers and amateurs from eight countries took part in the competition. Arseniy is one of the few Varna citizens who have won the oldest marathon in Bulgaria. The route of the traditional swimming marathon, in which 310 people took part, starts from Cape Galata and ends at the second dike, covering a distance of 4 400 m. 

Arseniy has been training  swimming for 7 years, 5 of them –  professionally. He has numerous medals from international tournaments. He has competed in the Varna-Galata marathon for the fifth time, missing the one last year. At that time he was competing in the European Junior Swimming Championship in France and was ranked 12th, after swimming the 10 km distance for 1:50 hr. This has been the best achievement for Bulgaria among the juniors so far.

The student in Pharmacy graduated from the Sports School in Varna. He has been training every day, swimming 6-7 km. “Being a sportsman has its end at some point,” says Arseniy. “Someday I want to have my feet firmly on the ground. And this firm ground is education. That is why I have chosen to study at Medical University – Varna. I will become a good pharmacist someday.”

Arseniy enjoys the excellent sports facilities, provided by the University. He combines swimming and studying successfully. In spite of the daily workouts, he attends lectures regularly and has completed his first year at MU-Varna with GPA 5:80.

Darina Velcheva

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