Students at MU-Varna Displayed Sports Mastery at the Fourth World InterUniversities Championships

Students at MU-Varna competed at the Fourth World InterUniversities Championships, which was held from 13th to 19th November 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. 2400 students from over 40 universities participated in the sports competitions.

For the first time in the history of the tournament a Medical University has been among the participant, and our students’ performance displayed excellent preparation and mastered sports skills.

The University took part with volleyball, tennis, table tennis and swimming teams. In the volleyball tournament the Varna medics, with the coach Boris Yankov, competed with 19 teams and ranked in fourth position. In the table tennis competitions the students won the fourth place as well, and Elizaveta Pugachova and Tsvetomir Yankov achieved the same ranking in the mixed pairs. The boys qualified for the quarter finals in the individual competition.

In the swimming tournament disciplines Arseniy Beketov managed to enter the final series in two of the disciplines, and Elitsa Mollova qualified for the eighth finals in the tennis competition.

The Assistant Rector at MU-Varna Eng. Deyan Grancharov and the tennis coach at the University Mr. Lyuben Chobanov took part in the special Rector’s tennis tournament. The group leader was the head of TS Physical Education and Sports Mrs. Zhulieta Videnova.

The Student Council of MU-Varna congratulates the students on their wonderful performance and wishes them new achievements!

Veronika Stoyanova