AMSB – Varna


Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria

Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria - Varna (AMSB-Varna) is a non-governmental organization, founded in 09.06.2005, part of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations which is the biggest organization for medical students in the world.

The purpose of AMSB-Varna is to unite all medical students of the Medical University of Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”. Its activity is expressed in organizing and participating in more than 30 different in their own way events and campaigns every year, aiming to promote health, gaining practical and theoretical knowledge in the different parts of medicine, improving all personal and organizational abilities of every single one of the students and increasing their attention to many different kinds of diseases among themselves and among the community of the city of Varna.

The main purpose of the association is to envelop all aspects of medicine and education, that is why AMSB-Varna has six committees: committee SCORA “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS”, committee SCOPH “Public Health”, committee SCOME “Medical Education”, committee SCORP “Human Rights & Peace” and also committees SCOPE “Professional exchanges” and SCORE “Research Exchanges”.


Every single one of these is specialized in organizing events and campaigns like: campaign for “Hypertension”, “School for surgical stitches, knotting and echography “, “Anti- HIV”, “Teddy-bear hospital”, “Black Sea academy for Surgery, Gynaecology and Anesthesiology”, “Diabetes”, “Christmas Charity bazaar”, “International day without smoking”, “Months of man and woman’s health ”, “Medicare” and many others.

That is only one small part of the work of the committees and the other one includes participating of the students in different trainings, aiming to develop their personal and professional abilities, for example: “How to communicate with a patient” and “How to improvise in difficult situations”. AMSB-Varna gives an opportunity for the students to take part in exchange programs. That way they can exercise and apply their theoretical knowledge (all that they have learned to this point) in practice in a form of summer practice in different hospitals and laboratories in countries all around the world.
AMSB- Varna organizes its campaigns in collaboration with Student Council in the Medical University of Varna and with the Association of dental students and the Association of pharmacy students in Varna. All medical students from the first to the sixth year have the right to take part and be a member of AMSB-Varna. For more information about the events and activities of the Association, you can find here: click here