ADMS – Varna


The Association of Dental Medicine Students - Varna

The Association of Dental medicine students - Varna(ADMS-Varna), established in 2008, is an independent, non-political organization, part of Students' Council of Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" - Varna. Members of ADMS-Varna are students of the Faculty of Dental Medicine. Aims of the association are:
- To protect the rights of the students in the faculty.
- To assist the students in their work with patients.
- To organize prophylactic campaigns and dental check-ups.
- To organize academic and social events.
- To greatly contribute and aid the students in finding patients for the clinical classes.
Annually, ADMS-Varna organizes a number of prophylactic campaigns, which encompass all of the main aspects of Dental medicine and oral health.


"Take care for your gums"
The target of this initiative is to draw attention to gum diseases and the fact that they should not be underestimated. The leading element of the campaign is to raise awareness and educate Varna citizens of the main methods of dental plaque removal and hindering its deposition, as well as the problems that may be caused if the people fail to remove it - a manifestation of gingivitis and periodontitis and eventually - tooth loss.

"Bright smile for the whole life"
20th of March is celebrated as the world's oral health day. ADMS-Varna organizes the prophylactic campaign "Bright smile for the whole life", which is the largest event. We educate citizens of Varna of the proper ways of maintaining oral hygiene and beautiful smile.

If in doubt, check
Оral cancer is one of the common oral diseases. The prophylactic campaign “If In Doubt, Check!” aims to raise awareness of the disease. Patients can obtain information regarding all stages of development, as well as the main symptomatics. The campaign ends with a dental check-up on the territory of the Faculty of Dental Medicine or on the territory of University Hospital "St. Marina".


Dentist - Junior
Children are a major target group for our team because they are just beginning to build their hygiene habits. The Dentist Junior campaign sends our teams to kindergartens and schools, where through games and short presentations, children take part in a short oral hygiene course.

Healthy child's teeth
When the weather warms and the sun rises, children play outside. Team of ASDM-Varna also goes there to provide children with music, games, drawings and fun, mixed with a little dental medicine so that every game can be instructive. The „Healthy child's teeth” campaign is held annually at the entrance of the Sea garden and during the warm weather, children learn how to brush their teeth with our superhero - SUPER TOOTH!
For more information about the events and activities of the Association, you can find here: click here