Status post COVID PARTY

Dear colleagues, It’s time!

The end of the semester is coming. So it’s time for a traditional end-of-year party. After a two-year break, the Student Council invites you to the “Status Post COVID-party” to remember what lies behind the term “student life”!

We believe that during the pandemic we all lacked social commitment and met people, and what could be better than to “explode” together?

So on the covenant date and time-25.05./Wednesday/, 23:00, prepare to forget what you learned from the past semester (purely metaphorical, of course). Our host, extremely generous and looking forward to the fun of our graduates, will once again be-PORTe!

The year was 2019, when we opened the summer semester at PORTe with 100 kilos. This Wednesday we will return the tape. 100 Kila is ready for a real space party because the dress code of the party is white and neon. The place and the performer are clear. We are sure that he will be able to make you forget everything else and embark on an unforgettable party! It is not right to leave creative talent of this calibre without adequate support—that’s why we invited DJ Ivo and DJ Ivan.

And finally, last but not least, we remind you that the entrance to our parties is FREE as always, but it is mandatory to present a student card or library card.

The party is private – only for students, lecturers or the administration of the Medical University – Varna after showing a student’s ID card.

We are expecting you!