A Specialist From Denver, Colorado, Has Conducted the First Training on Oncology Rehabilitation in Our Country

The prominent physical therapist Dr. Julia Osborne, manager of the Oncology Rehabilitation Clinic and founder of the Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute (PORi) (Denver, Colorado), conducted a ten-day oncology rehabilitation training at University Hospital “St. Marina” in Varna. From 12th  to 22nd  March, Kinesitherapy and Rehabilitation lecturers, medical specialists from the region and students from Medical University – Varna got acquainted with the consequences and specifics of the recovery processes in surgical treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy of oncological diseases, as well as with the specific characteristics of the rehabilitation work with cancer patients.

Dr. Julia Osborne presented models of her long-standing experience in rehabilitating patients with breast, brain, cervical spine, and small pelvic cancer. What triggered the interest of all course participants were the methods of treating lymphedema – a complication and chronic condition that develops in approximately one-third of the patients during the treatment process. Dr. Osborne shared her experience in monitoring patients before and after cancer therapy, as well as her expertise in performing draining lymph massage as one of the proven effective methods of influencing lymphoma.

For the first time in Bulgaria, the training has been organized by the Kinesitherapy Sector at the Department of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Thalassotherapy (Seawater Therapy) and Occupational Diseases at the Faculty of Public Health at MU – Varna. The whole team of the training sector and the team of the University Centre for Eastern Medicine took part in the training. Trained by Dr. Osborne’s methodology, the specialists will be able to admit patients requiring oncology rehabilitation, as well as to share their experience through training other colleagues.