MU-Varna Received an Award for Contribution to the Healthcare System of the Municipality of Varna

The Varna Municipality awarded professionals from various fields of healthcare on the eve of the World Health Day and the Professional Day of Healthcare Professionals – 7th April. The plaques were presented by the Mayor Mr. Ivan Portnih and the Regional Governor Mr. Stoyan Pasev at a solemn event, at the “Yunashki Salon”, organized by the Healthcare Directorate at the Municipality.

Institutional Award for Contribution to the Healthcare System of the Municipality of Varna was awarded to Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”. Prof. Dr. Tsvetan Tonchev, PhD, Head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic at University Hospital “St. Marina” was awarded in the category “Doctors in Dental Medicine, working on the territory of Varna Municipality”. In the category “Pharmacists, working on the territory of Varna Municipality” the prize was awarded to Master-Pharmacist Svoboda Raleva, a lecturer at Medical College – Varna.

“The times we live in are really difficult because it seems as if we have lost our sense of dignity, respect, and the worst of all is that we are getting used to it. Where are our doctors? Every year a great deal of them leave and go abroad. Where are our healthcare professionals? I would like to address them with the old name “nurses – angels of mercy” because this is the core of these people’s work. But how can you be merciful to someone when he is ruthless to you? Where are the good relationships and respect between a doctor and a patient? In difficult times like these it is hard to find an institution that can appreciate your work and say sincerely “Thank you!” This is extremely valuable to us because we do not hear it lately. And that is enough, and it gives us the strength to stay here and work for our city. Mr. Mayor, Mr. Regional Governor – thank you for saying ‘Thank you!’ to us,” said Prof. Dr. Radoslav Radev, chair of BMA – Varna and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at MU-Varna within 2012 – 2018, who received the award on behalf of Medical University – Varna.

 “It is my pleasure and honour to be together with you on the eve of your professional holiday. Thank you for all dedication, care and patience you put in daily at your workplace. I am aware of the difficulties that the sector is confronting, but I assure you that we will always be your reliable partners. And any time you need it, you can rely on our support, even if that requires making hard decisions,” this is how the Mayor Mr. Ivan Portnih addressed the medics. The Regional Governor Mr. Stoyan Pasev also congratulated them on their professional holiday.