Lecture series – an introduction to scientific work

Dear colleagues,

Every year the Student council organizes a series of lectures and seminars, which aim to acquaint the student body with the specifics of medical research. The course broadens young health specialists’ understanding of the scientific style of writing and offers invaluable advice regarding the creation of their own works.

The first lecture of the series is aptly titled: “An introduction to scientific writing”. It should serve as an adequate base of know-how upon which fledgling researchers can rely to start their scientific endeavors. The lector – our very own assoc. prof. Ilina Doykova, PhD, head of the dept. of Western and Classic languages. She has multiple publications in the fields of corpus linguistics, comparative linguistics, Bulgarian and English for special purposes. The place and time of the event are as follows: 25.03.2019 /Monday/ at 18:30h at Auditorium II of the Rectorate building.

The lectures are open to all specialties and courses!

All healthcare careers are dynamic and highly competitive. It is of utmost importance for the prosperity of the individual medic to be acquainted with the newest tendencies in one’s specialties, regarding theoretical and practical innovations. The most adequate way to receive a grasp of them is by doing research work! We look forward to seeing you at our event!