How to be a part of Student Council

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The team of Student Council is composed of:

  • Members-students, chosen after holding elections for the members of each course and specialty;
  • PhD students
  • Associates 

The term of Office of students and doctoral candidates in the General Assembly and the Student Council of higher school’s two years with the right to stand as a candidate for another term. The Student Council shall elect from among its members a Chairman, who organizes and manages its activities and represent him in front of the managing authorities of the higher school, the basic and auxiliary units in it. 

There are two ways to join the team of Student Council, respectively as:

As already mentioned, the mandate of the students and graduate students in the Student Council shall be two years. In two years, elections are held for a new comprehensive stock of the Student Council. Student Council should listing date and deadline for the submission of cover letters for participation in the elections at the latest 1 week prior to their implementation. Motivational letters are sent to the President of the Council, which has the right to examine them and approve/reject applicant. 

Elected members of the Student Council, of each course and specialty, must attend regular General Assembly of the SS. Have a direct responsibility of the team to take part in the votes during the axis and to fulfil their obligations as Exchange representatives. This activity includes the provision of information and colleagues respond to their questions of socio-bit or curriculum. If the course does not delegate its activity, the President has the right to exclude members, during the general meeting, after exposure of motives.


As a contributor you can plug any student of HIS, no matter which course or degree e. It can do only by visiting the Assembly and presenting to the President and my colleagues the reasons to include the setup within the team. There is a fully equal partner competencies and commitment in the work of the team, with the exceptions that they may not take part in votes at the time of the axis. The status of Associate is recognized by the President of the SS, if for 6 months, he show commitment and aktinost in the activities of the team.

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