International Food Festival (Second Post)

Did you already tighten your belts?

We’re taking off … Lets hope you’ve taken everything you need. There is no need of heavy bags or wide-pile hats with pink flowers. A spoon, a fork, a deep dish and an empty stomach are enough for our long-awaited culinary journey around the world.

Only a few days left to the International Food Festival! The event that will take us to distant lands and excite our taste buds long after that.

Starting point : “Black Sheep Games”

When? : 18th of April, 2019 / Thursday /

Time : 21:00

Your adventure will start at the entrance of the restaurant, with a special passport to win prizes and vote for the best country performance, as well as the most delicious dish (p.5). Your guides will be our colleagues from 9 different countries. They have prepared the most irresistible food temptations and many curious geographic facts.

The team with the highest number of votes will be awarded by the Student Council. Recipes of the most appetizing dishes will be uploaded at

When you visit each country, you will receive a stamp from the relevant officers (on p.2, p.3 and p.4). Collect all seals and present your passport at the bar. So you will win a small prize!

The surprises won’t stop there! At 22:30, competitive games for all culinary enthusiasts will begin. We strongly recommend to join the challenges, because we have prepared great prizes!

For a proper finish of the journey, we invite all of you, after 23:30, on the 3rd floor, where we will continue the party with music and dances in “Black games”. Especially for the students of the Medical University – Varna, a promotional menu will be given. The irresistible DJ Ivo will take care for your good mood.

Important: Do not forget to vote at the entrance of the club! Winners will be announced at 23:00!

We are awaiting you !

This is a private event of the Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov “- Varna, entrance is free for the students, teachers and the administration of the university, only after showing a card from the library, a student card or a student’s book.

Design and layout of the poster: Tsvetan Raev