International Food Festival

If you fancy yourself a better chef than your mom (or even your granny) and if you are a bit of a patriot (at least regarding your national cuisine), than the International Food Festival is the event for you! We are going to share with you the secret recipe for a truly unforgettable culinary evening, during which you can enjoy the atmosphere of different cultures and customs and savor the delights, prepared by your fellow participants. The only thing you must do is cook some tasty food and be praised for it.

To entice you to participate even further, we have prepared prizes for the victorious team, the jury’s favorite and the audience’s favorite.

Location: Black Sheep Games – “Tsar Simeon I” Street №27a

Date: 18.04.2019 /Thursday/

Time: 21:00h.

In order to experience the true bouquet of herbs and spices and all kinds of other delights, you must follow these steps:

  1. Assemble a team (maximum of 5 people), who will be your faithful crew of master chefs. Up to one team per nationality.;
  2. Determine a list of dishes and your needed expensed. A budget will be provided by the Student council, any additional costs are at the expense of the participants.;
  3. Every team must have two coordinators.;
  4. You must send an e-mail to:  with the names, course and faculty, faculty number and phone number of all of the participants in the team. The e-mail must indicate the represented nationality, as well as the preliminary menu. Deadline – 01.04 /Monday/.
  5. After evaluation by the organizers, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You must then send to the same e-mail the list of needed ingredients.

As for the rest of you, who would rather feast than toil in the kitchen, consider yourselves our honorary guests. We can promise you with certainty, that all the efforts of your colleagues will produce dishes to match the taste of even the ficklest epicurean. From lovers of tacos, to lovers of curry, to lovers of banitza – all are invited.

What is a good evening without music? Our beloved DJ Ivo will cater to the musical whims of our visitors (he claims to be a “good vibes expert” in his bio).

P.S. The participants will have to make do with the raw ingredients, available in Bulgaria (if you somehow manage to procure something from abroad, kudos to you). The list of raw ingredients must be approved by the organizers in order to receive funding for them.