Greetings by the Rector of MU-Varna on the Occasion of the World Health Day – 7th April

It is not easy to make a diagnosis… It is not easy to announce it, looking the patient straight in the eyes… It is not easy to enter the operating room, not knowing when you are likely to get out… It is not easy to determine the most appropriate and the best therapy…

Dear Colleagues,

Today is your holiday – 7th April, the World Health Day, which was established by the World Health Organization in 1948. It is a holiday for all of us who have dedicated ourselves to the most humane of all professions.

Yes, we all know that it is not easy, when you are responsible for the health and life of the others, when you spend sleepless nights, firstly, over the text books, and later on at your workplace, when the care of the patient often replaces the care of your own family, because the life of that patient must be saved exactly now, not a moment later! It is not easy, when you have to practise your profession, confronting difficult circumstances of any kind, in the health care system, which has scores of unresolved problems…

It is not easy… Yet, I do believe that this system can be changed with the efforts of every one of us!

Believe in yourselves, save your compassion to the man, do not stop learning and self-improving yourselves, deliver, with love and devotion, the knowledge to those coming after you, who have made their choice to take the hard path of Medicine! Only thus can we make our patients feel safe and calm, entrusting their health and lives in our hands!

Happy Holiday, Dear Colleagues!

Be Healthy and Bestow Health!

Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, DSc

Rector of Medical University – Varna