Student Council elections, Winter Semester 2018 – Results

Dear colleagues,

The elections for Course representatives at the Student Council at Medical university “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” – Varna for the 2018-2020 mandate were held on the 15th of November /Thursday/. All students had the opportunity to vote at 3 polling stations: Medical University (Rectorate building), Faculty of Dental Medicine and UMHAT “St. Marina”. The commision, which counted the votes, consisted of three members of the Student Council: Bozhidar Kasabov (President of the Student Council), Boyko Matev (Vice President of the Student Council) and Dimitar Velev (Deputy of the Student Council).

*With bold are the names of the chosen members for the 2018-2020 mandate


Alexander Markus Maucher – 2, 36 % (5 votes)

Invalid bulletins: 1.


Anita Popova – 40, 63 % (13 votes)

Invalid bulletins: 6.

The Student Council of Medical university – Varna congratulates the chosen candidates!