A very different student’s holiday – 8th of December

novina-osmidekemvriYet again the Students Council at Medical University of Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” remains loyal to the traditions of the previous years and has decided to organize a gala evening for the student’s holiday, entirely different from any other 8th of December. Future health workers should be role models, which is why we want to celebrate in a truly unique and memorable way.

This year’s student holiday will take place in the heart of our maritime capitol, and namely the recently opened “Ernie Hemingway” restaurant (location), which quickly became a symbol of class, unique atmosphere and unrivaled cuisine. For the occasion we have a special four dish menu, prepared under the careful guise of Chef Stamov, aiming to please even the most pretentious of tastes.

For your entertainment two of the most beloved pop-singer in Bulgaria will present to you their special program, just for the students of Medical University – Varna: Vladimir Ampov – Grafa and Michaella Filleva.

For the 70BGN price you can expect:

  • A gala evening with a choice of veal, pork or a vegetarian menu as a main course (menu)
  • A single bottle permitted per student from outside sources
  • “Extra time” until 05:00 so that even the most tireless of us can show us what they are capable of.

The event starts at 20:00h, the places are limited to 200 people. An initial sum of 35BGN will be collected starting today until the 7th of November, you can sign up personally at the Student’s council office, by bringing your student’s card, every day from 09:00AM to 15:00h.

The second half of the sum will be collected between the 14th and the 28th of November.

The student’s holiday in Bulgaria was first celebrated in 1902, as the patron holiday of the University of Sofia. The initial date was the 25th of November – St. Clement Ohridsky’s day, traditionally considered the patron of Bulgarian higher education. On the 31st of Match 1916, the Bulgarian administration adopted the Gregorian calendar. The Bulgarian Orthodox church carried on using the Julian calendar until the 1960’s and the date is today celebrated 13 days later – on the 8th of December.

After 1944 and until 1962 the holiday was replaced in favor of the 17th of November – the International Student’s holiday.

It is a free of lectures day for all universities in Bulgaria, and is usually used by the students for night parties or as a chance to get out of town.

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