“Rector’s cup 2016” winners in basketball, volleyball and tennis


This year’s “Rector’s Cup” basketball, volleyball and tennis tournaments have ended.

The event started with the basketball competition and the winners were „Децата на Новицки”, a team, compromised of German students. Second and third place go to the „Масоните” and „Очосинко” teams respectively. The German guest tutors scored fourth.

The volleyball competition ended with a score of two to three games in favor of the „Великолепните медици” team, the runners up are team „Радиоактив”.

In the tennis tournament, first second and third place in the competition for women go to: Елица Моллова,  Илияна Петрова and Моника Нанова respectively. In the male bracket, the winner is Лукас Брюкнер, second place goes to Иван Стойчев and third place is shared by Марсен Касабов and Юмер Юмеров.

On the 10.10.2016 (Monday) were the first matches of the football tournament. There are 15 teams in total in the competition and 6 games have been played as of yet.

The chess, fitness, backgammon, cross, table tennis and paintball competitions begin on the 15.10.2016 (Saturday)

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