Commissions and Departments


Scientific Activity and Development

The Commission both organizes and helps organize various scientific conferences in the university. Extracurricular exercises and workshops also fall under it's jurisdiction.

It aims mainly to guide students and young doctorates in the creation of their first publications and to provide them with opportunities to present their work. Joining the Commission is recommended for people with a scientific aptitude, those who wish to create publications and those who wish to organize medical events.

Sport and Sport Activity

The Permanent Committee " Sport and sports activities" is the department in the Student council of Medical University " Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov Varna, which organizes, promotes and encourages students to perform the sport, which deals both professionally and amateurish.

The Commission's activities consist in organizing several events during the school year, as follows: Winter and Summer edition of the Tournament "Rector”s Cup" and an interactive tournament "Click N' Win". The Committee is collaborating with the Department of Sport in the Medical University in connection with the annual Universiades and one of the biggest events organized by the Medical University – Varna – " Sport, sea, and health".

The winter edition of the " Rector’s Cup" tournament combines 16 sports, where each student has the opportunity to take part and show their sporting spirit. The sports included in the tournament are: football, volleyball, basketball, tennis court, table tennis, badminton, paintball, chess, backgammon, billiards, darts, foosball, bowling, fitness, cross and dodge ball.

The summer edition of the tournament is attractive to students, as some of the sports listed above are held near the sea, namely – on the beach. The " Click N' Win" the tournament is organized for the fans of video games and the students can compete against each other in both computer games and games for Playstation.

Cultural-mass Activity

The Committee on Cultural and Mass Activities aims to organize social events for the students of Medical University - Varna.

Some of the key activities that the committee is preparing are: Freshman Party for the beginning of the school year, Halloween party, Very Merry Christmas party, Back to school party and party for World Health Day (April 7). In addition to celebrations on certain dates in the annual calendar, the committee allows students to enrich and demonstrate their artistic and culinary talents. Examples are: International Food Festival and Miss and Mister MU-Varna..

Each year, the International Food Festival includes representatives from more than 10 countries who present their culture and traditions. The The commission is recommended for people wishing to organize mass cultural events and those who wish to develop in the arts.


Redaction and Translation

The " Redaction and translation" department is responsible for the quality control of all publications of the Student Council. It's work is mainly related to the other Commissions and Departments due to the immense quantity of texts, both administrative and otherwise, needed for their functioning.

Among the periodic publications of the Council are the Student newspaper, the Student activities bulletin, any news on social media accounts of the Council and many others. Joining the Department is recommended for students with above-average literacy and/or previous experience in translations.


Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Department works together with all other departments in the Student Council. It's main task is the creation of posters, the „Student Life“ newspaper, holiday greetings, profile pictures and covers for the Facebook pages of the Student council, blood_drop

Instagram photos, flyers, visit cards, and various graphic elements needed for the symposium (BSYSB) or the decoration for different events, organized by the Student Council.


We also collaborate with the three associations - AMSB, ASDM, ASPV. The the department is further divided into three sub-departments, each of which specializes in a different program: Adobe Photoshop for graphics such as posters, Facebook covers, etc; Adobe Illustrator for vector images, logos, etc; And last but not least - Adobe InDesign for the newspaper. We are often aided by our colleagues who are creative thinkers or have a passion for drawing.

Photography Department

Photography department deals with the capturing of all events of which the The student council is the main organizer or plays a part in them. The department is divided into two subdivisions - Capturing and Editing. photographer The photography team is part of every event – Black sea Symposium, Rector’s cup, as well as all the parties you attend – Freshman party, Halloween party, 8th of December party etc. Photography department has its own cameras while the pictures are edited with Adobe Lightroom.photographer

Scientific Activity and Development

Sport and Sport Activity

Cultural-mass Activity