17Aug 2021

Information on the enrolment procedure for students in second and upper year of study for winter semester of Academic year 2021/2022

Dear students, Academic year 2021/2022 begins on 13th September 2021. The enrolment procedure for the winter semester of academic year 2021/2022 for second or upper year of study shall be performed only electronically through the WEBSTUDENT platform. In order to fulfil the registration requirements, you shall follow the steps: Pay …

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02Dec 2020

Informative lecture on the topic of “Medicine without prescription and the Pharmacist’s role as a healthcare consultant”

Dear colleagues, Most patients often resort to over-the-counter medicines, and we pharmacists, as the most sought-after and affordable healthcare professionals, need to be as adequate and informed as possible when consulting patients. The Association of Pharmacy Students in Varna together with Bayer Bulgaria is pleased to invite you to become …

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02Dec 2020

Message from the “Sports”department

Dear colleagues, All students with the “Sports” discipline in their curriculum are to conduct it in a remote form as of 29.11.2020. In the Blackboard platform, in the “Sports” discipline you may find a virtual classroom with the name of your respective sport and the date and time during which …

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10Sep 2020

Official announcement

Dear students, The management of MU – Varna has done its best during the crisis situation of COVID-19 pandemic to ensure a sufficiently complete educational process and a normal ending of the academic year, without putting in danger the health and well-being of students and lecturers. In relation to the …

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30Apr 2020

Address to the Students at Medical University – Varna on Completion of the Summer Semester of 2019/2020 Academic Year

Dear colleagues, The concern and responsibility for the health and well-being of the students at Medical University – Varna is a key priority for us. Our major priority is also your education and profound preparation. This unprecedented and complicated situation in relation to the epidemic situation is a challenge for everyone of us. The …

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05Feb 2020

Annual freshman trip to CERN 2020

Dear colleagues, Every academic year, our freshmen receive the unique opportunity to participate in the traditional trip to the base of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), where they can explore the biggest elementary particle physics laboratory on the planet. Our students get to enjoy a whole week of …

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04Dec 2019

Biomedical forum 30

Dear colleagues, We have the pleasure of inviting you to science lecture, led by a professor from the Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany The lecturer will be Dr. David Lutz – from the department of Anatomy. The date and topic are: “Proteolytic processing of cell adhesion molecule L1 (L1CAM) in nervous system …

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