12Oct 2020

Rector’s Cup 2020 (APPLICATIONS)

Dear colleagues, We hope that you have gotten into shape after the long “pause”, because the Student Council’s calendar is once again full with different and exciting events. It is time for the Rector’s Cup to begin. For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about this …

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04Dec 2019

Rector’s Cup 2019

Dear colleagues, We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the annual “RECTOR’S CUP” sports tournament. This year’s tournament will be held from the 11th until the 21st of October. For those of you, who have never heard of “Rector’s Cup” (especially first year students), it is the …

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08May 2019

Registration for Rector’s Summer Cup 2019

Dear colleagues, Due to the increased interest of our fellow students in the sport events and the significant achievements of the representatives of the Medical University – Varna, the Student Council decided to revive an old, but very beloved event – Rector’s Summer Cup. The overall format of the event …

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06May 2019

Training “Let’s talk about sex!”

Dear collegues, We would like to inform you about the new training “Let’s talk about sex!” on 14.05.2019 at 18:30 in 3rd Auditorium , which is offered to all clinical students at Medical University of Varna. This 2-hour training aims to: Increase your sensitivity and general awareness about STIs in …

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02May 2019

Blood Donation May 2019

Dear colleagues, Despite numerous advances of medicine, the blood running in our veins is still irreplaceable. The noble act of donating blood can make the difference between life and death. The everlasting need for blood products is the very reason why blood donation initiatives are held all year round. The …

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14Apr 2019

International Food Festival (Second Post)

Did you already tighten your belts? We’re taking off … Lets hope you’ve taken everything you need. There is no need of heavy bags or wide-pile hats with pink flowers. A spoon, a fork, a deep dish and an empty stomach are enough for our long-awaited culinary journey around the …

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08Apr 2019

Clinical night

Dear, colleagues ! You’re welcomed to spend an entertaining “Clinical Night” in the company of Dr. Kiril Zhelyazkov and Dr.House! Have you ever imagined watching your favourite medical drama with a real doctor? Or have you ever thought about how exiting would it be to break down the clinical side …

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08Apr 2019

Miss and Mister MU-Varna 2019 „Secret Agent edition“- (Second post)

To the attention of all secret agents at Medical University – Varna As you already know, the registration for the prestigious pageant of the Student Council at Medical University – Varna, “Miss and Mister MU-Varna 2019”, runs under the title “Secret agent edition”. Our agents searched through the secret archives …

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05Apr 2019

“How to write an abstract” – Lecture series

Dear colleagues, As you are already aware, there is an ongoing collaboration between the Student Council and the student associations in MU-Varna, aiming to broaden the academic and scientific perspectives of our fellow students. One of the products of our collective work is the lecture series, which serves as an …

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