15May 2022

International Dental Series vol.5

  Dear colleagues, We are so excited to invite Dr Yewande on the 5th Volume of the International Dental Series. Within a short period of time Dr Yewande has become a well known figure within the dental industry and is a dental star! Dr Yewande graduated from Peninsula University in …

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29Apr 2022

Student Council elections 2022- results

Dear colleagues, The elections for Course representatives at the Student Council at Medical university “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” – Varna for 2022 were held on the 27th of April /Wednesday/. All students had the opportunity to vote online through webstudent. *With bold are the names of the chosen members: MEDICINE: 1. Raheel …

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27Apr 2022

International Dental Series vol.4

We are very excited to welcome onto the 4th volume of the International Dental Series, Dr Chris Waith, an Oral Surgeon based in the UK. Dr Waith graduated with a BDS Hons MFDS from Manchester University in 2002. Since 2004 he has worked solely in local hospitals and practices in …

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22Apr 2022

Student Council elections 2022- voting

Dear colleagues The day of the elections will be 27.04.2022 ( Wednesday) and they are going to be online ( in webstudent). So we would like to provide you some clarification on how to vote: [1] About the time range: Voting time will include the hours from 00:01 to 23:59 …

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13Apr 2022

Student Council elections 2022 – candidates

Dear colleagues, The deadline for applications for Course representatives at the Student Council at Medical university “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” – Varna for 2022 was 3rd of April 2022. Up to this moment there have been 5 (five) applications submitted in total, which are as follows: Medicine – 4 applications  Have …

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11Apr 2022

Lecture on “The enigma of endometriosis”

                    Dear colleagues, conditions of the female reproductive system, which are known to affect a large percentage of the female population, present with a variety of unwanted symptoms and consequences. One such illness- endometriosis, causes the formation of endometrial glands and …

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фемили клуб
30Mar 2022

International family club

Dear colleagues,  Want to get to know different cultures?  Want to have friends from different parts of the world?  Want to be part of a larger international family? The International family club event gives you this opportunity!  Its aim is to unite students of all nationalities at the university and …

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11Feb 2022

International dental series vol.2

Dear colleagues, We are humbled to introduce the next speaker onto the international dental series, the winner of the Best Young Dentist, Dr. Jana Denzel.  Doctor Denzel initially studied Biology and Psychology at Queen Mary University London, UK, and then went on to study dentistry at Universidad Europea Valencia, Spain, …

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04Dec 2021

December 1st – World AIDS Day

Dear colleagues, December 1st is World AIDS Day. Every year on this date, organizations and volunteers join forces to inform the public about the infection, to fight the HIV stigma and to take a step forward in eradicating this global epidemic. For this reason, the Reproductive Health and AIDS Committee, …

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