30May 2018

The Student Council with an Official Profile in Instagram™

Dear colleagues, We are updating our Privacy Policy and Terms. Please, … Just kidding. The Student Council of Medical University – Varna has always tried to keep up with new trends. Therefore, thanks to our PR department, the SC now has an official profile in Instagram™. You will have the opportunity …

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24Sep 2016


MEDICAL UNIVERSITY “PROF. DR. PARASKEV STOYANOV” VARNA Rectorat  Varna, 9000 Marin Drinov str. 55 тел: + 359 52 677 050тел: +359 52 650 057 – for english programmeE-mail: Faculty of medicine  VarnaMarin Drinov str. 55тел: +359 52 677 009E-mail: Faculty of Dental medicine  Varna 9000Tsar Osvoboditel str. 84 тел: + 359 52 677 …

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07Sep 2016

How to be a part of Student Council

The team of Student Council is composed of: Members-students, chosen after holding elections for the members of each course and specialty; PhD students Associates  The term of Office of students and doctoral candidates in the General Assembly and the Student Council of higher school’s two years with the right to …

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06Sep 2016

What is Students` union?

Dear colleagues, Welcome to our official website, whose main purpose is, through its innovation and quality design, to provide you with the most current and important information related to student life in our University. Student Council, according to art. 72 of the law on higher education is the only zakonovoustanovena …

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