Black Sea Symposium of Young Scientists in Biomedicine (BSYSB) 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT

The long awaited return of our esteemed symposium is finally at hand!

The Black Sea Symposium of Young Scientists in Biomedicine is back, bigger and better than before, with a lot more to offer that its previous editions!

Tune in to our conference to broaden your perspectives about the latest advancements in Biomedicine and showcase your own contributions to our ever-growing field.

For those among you, who are not yet acquainted with BSYSB, it is an international scientific conference, entirely managed by students, under the guidance of the Academic staff of Medical University – Varna. All publications, related to the broad term Biomedicine can potentially be accepted to be presented at the conference’s sessions. While it is run by undergraduates, the quality standards for submissions match those of major international academic gatherings. Students and young graduate researchers are encouraged to take advantage of the different educational events and talks with the organizers (held at regular intervals during the weeks, leading up to BSYSB) in order to gain a better understanding of the process and in the end produce better scientific works.

While the presentations of our fellow young scientists are the main topic of the Symposium, they do not constitute the entirety of the duration of BSYSB. Different workshops, typically unavailable elsewhere in the country will be at your disposal, in conjunction with educational seminars, devoted to the development of practical skills. Keynote lectures will present contemporary topics, and the guest lecturers will be available for an exchange of experience and ideas.

The conference is held entirely in English and all works are required to be submitted in English, abstract guidelines can be found in the abstract submission page!

BSYSB 2019 will take place on the 22-24th of November at Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” – Varna

Abstract submission is hereby open, the deadline is the 2nd of November. You can find a link to the abstract submission page here.

More news about BSYSB will be published at regular intervals. Stay tuned for more information about meetings with the organizers, as well as educational videos about abstract creation, presentation and much more!

Any aspiring scientists who wish to showcase their skills as researchers and presenters and encouraged to participate. The best among you will receive special prizes!