Award Ceremony of the Winners in the Sports Tournament “Rector’s Cup” 2018

Dear colleagues,

On the 04.11 was the final of the most massive up to this date sports tournament of Medical University – Varna – “Rector’s Cup” 2018. The participants had the opportunity to compete in 16 different sports during the tournament. Due to the skilled contenders, a lot of the competitions were very challenging. However, there are clear winners in each category. 

The award ceremony of the winners will be held on the 22.11.2018 (Thursday) at 18:30h in Auditorium 1 (Rectorate building). All students, whether they have participated in the sports tournament or not, are invited to enjoy the special programme, prepared for the ceremony. Great atmosphere and surprise prizes are expecting you! The ceremony will be held both in Bulgarian and English!





  1. „Ветераните“
  2. „Dream team“
  3. Persepolis FC“





  1. „The Team“
  2. „Тежки нокаути“
  3. „Рукитата“


  1. „Lions“
  2. „Aries“
  3. „NBNay“

Individual prize for speed: Нойко Радев, Dental medicine, II year

Individual prize for shooting: Теодор Трендафилов, Dental medicine, II year




  1. Шишарки“
  2. „MedHub“
  3. „Военни лекари“





  1. Frederic Iwe, Medicine, IV year
  2. David Aghayan, Medicine, I year
  3. Иван Христов, Dental medicine, I year


  1. Елена Пенева, Pharmacy, I year
  2. Patrizia Batkiewicz, Dental medicine, II year
  3. Неда Недкова, Medicine, II year



Table tennis


  1. Борислав Пенев, Medicine, III year
  2. Васил Богданов, Medicine, II year
  3. Петър Василев, Dental medicine, V year


  1. Елена Пенева, Pharmacy, I year
  2. Елена Харизанова, Medicine, VI year
  3. Кристина Кръстева, Rehabilitation, II year




  1. „Шано crew“
  2. „Venom“
  3. „ Д-р Майк и компания“




  1. Andreas Seidel, Medicine, IV year
  2. Оганес Варданян, Pharmacy, V year
  3. Никола Цонев, Medicine, V year



Table football

  1. Luca Sebastian Schlake, Medicine, I year and Lennard Futterer, Medicine, I year
  2. Юсуф Коджаахмед, Pharmacy, III year and Нурал Джамбазов, Medicine, III year
  3. Мариус Добрев, Dental medicine, II year and Денис Исмаилов, Military Doctor, II year




  1. Денис Исмаилов, Military Doctor, II year
  2. Пламен Панчев, Pharmacy, I year
  3. Арсений Бекетов, Pharmacy, II year




  1. „We are Venom“
  2. „Shef’s Loyal Cheerleaders“
  3. „Боятопка“




  1. Станислав Димитров Попов, Medicine, IV year
  2. Dennies Mathew Jaimes, Мedicine, IV year
  3. Бора Али Али, Medicine, IV year




  1. Александра Любомирова Стефанова, Medicine, V year
  2. Антония Георгиева Генова, Medicine, IV year
  3. Мирела Иванова Вълкова, Medicine, IV year




  1. „Шишарка“
  2. „Социалдемократическа партия“
  3. „ProvinceBulls“




  1. Стилиян Христов, Medicine, II year
  2. Александър Тодоров, Pharmacy, I year
  3. Стоян Станков, Pharmacy, II year




Mixed Doubles

  1. Sharin Abraham, Medicine, IV year and Romald Lazarus, Medicine, IV year
  2. Joel George, Medicine, IV year and Justeena Joy, Medicine, IV year
  3. Tony George, Medicine, III year and Aparna Saji, Medicine, III year


Women Doubles

  1. Mridhu Lisa Job, Medicine, II year and Alana Sajan, Medicine, II year
  2. Annitta Regy, Dental medicine, II year and Sonia Samson, Medicine, II year
  3. Sharin Abraham, Медицина, IV year и Sivatmika Shylakamar, Медицина, II year


Men Doubles

  1. Justus Galm, Дентална медицина, VI year и Luca Schlake, Медицина, I year
  2. Jose Siby, Медицина, IV year и Gokul Suresh, Медицина, V year
  3. Joel George, Медицина, IV year и Romald Lazarus, Медицина, IV year


Men Singles

  1. Белчо Николаев, Медицина, V year
  2. Romald Lazarus, Медицина, IV year
  3. Tony George, Медицина, III year




  1. Радостина Пейчева, Медицина, VI year
  2. Ирена Стоянова, Медицина, II year
  3. Веселина Добрева, Медицина, III year



  1. Борислав Червенаков, Медицина, I year
  2. Виктор Наумоски, Медицина, II year
  3. Бранимир Владимиров, Медицина, I year


We are expecting you!