Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova is the new Executive Director of the University Hospital “St. Marina “Varna

After the election of Prof. Dr. Valentin Ignatov as Rector of the Medical University “Prof. Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov-Varna and with the decision of the General Assembly No. RD-111-16 / 06.03.2020, Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova was appointed Executive Director of the Hospital “St. Marina” -Varna.

Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova graduated from the Medical University of Varna in 1996. She received a degree in Neurology in 2004. In 2010 she defended her dissertation for educational and scientific degree “Doctor” and in 2012 defended her academic position “Associate Professor”. Since 2012 she holds the position of Head of the Second Clinic for Nervous Diseases with the Department of Intensive Neurological Diseases and the Department of Acute Stroke, UMHAT “St. Marina “- Varna. In 2016 she acquired the academic position of Professor of Neurology. Since 2017 she is the Director of Medical Diagnostic Activity, University Hospital “St. Marina “Varna.

Prof. Andonova is a member of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Bulgarian Society of Neurology, Bulgarian Headache Society, European Society of Neurosonology and Brain Hemodynamics, European Stroke Society, Balkan Medical Society, Editorial Board of Neurosonography and Brain Hemodynamics magazine, Hemodynamics Bulgarian Association for Neurosonology and Brain Hemodynamics, COST Board CA18118 “Implementation Research Network in Stroke Care Quality”. She is the National Coordinator of the International Stroke Registry SITS and the National Coordinator of the European Stroke Organization ESO: ESO EAST.