Address to the Students at Medical University – Varna on Completion of the Summer Semester of 2019/2020 Academic Year

Dear colleagues,

The concern and responsibility for the health and well-being of the students at Medical University Varna is a key priority for us. Our major priority is also your education and profound preparation. This unprecedented and complicated situation in relation to the epidemic situation is a challenge for everyone of us. The management of MU-Varna and all the lecturers are working hard and doing our best to prevent the negative impact of the adverse situation on your health and education.

We count on your responsibility, and we highly appreciate your commitment, understanding and positive attitude! Thank you for your efforts, creativity and motivation in order to cope with this situation together!

Taking into consideration the timely response and commitment on the part of the faculty to the shifting to e-based distance learning, conducting an uninterrupted training process adhering to the regulated schedule, strict control and accountability, the summary reports of the Deans on the course of the distance learning, and your activity and satisfaction – we have reasonable grounds to be positive for the successful completion of the summer semester within the terms specified by the Academic Council and to continue with the examination sessions. For certain disciplines, where practical training in attendance format in clinical setting is of crucial importance, we will rely on compensating the missed training material at an appropriate time – during the summer practices or in the course of the following years of training.

Considering the uncertainty regarding the development of the epidemic situation and the probability of longer restrictions, taking into account letters from the Ministry of Education and Science in support of the possibility of distance learning and conducting distance exams, including in specialties in the regulated professions, and at the same time assessing our preparedness for successful implementation of the curricula on time – the Academic Council came up witht he following decisions, of which we would like to notify you:

  1. The summer semester of 2019/2020 academic year for all majors at the University shall be completed on time (without prolongation) in accordance with the schedule of the training process approved by the Academic Council.
  2. Students who have missed classes will be provided with an opportunity for compensating the missed training material through the electronic platform Blackboard – without additional payment.
  3. Semester examination sessions (summer regular, re-sit and September liquidation session) for 2019/2020 academic year shall be conducted in accordance with the schedule approved by the Academic Council – in a distance format.
  4. Students who in advance have explicitly filed a request for attendance format semesterassessment will be offered an alternative opportunity for attendance format regular, re-sit and liquidation semester exams after the end of the state of emergency.
  5. The schedules for the state exams, including the dates for regular and re-sit (liquidation) sessions, shall be updated in accordance with the epidemic situation and according to the specifics of the specialty. Their implementation can also be done in a distance format – upon a proposal of the Dean.

In this regard the schedules for the summer regular, re-sit and September liquidation exam sessions in a distance format are already being prepared, and will be announced by 13th May 2020. An organization for distance conducting of the exams is being set up at the Faculties and the Centre for Electronic and Distance Learning. The lecturers conducting the training in the disciplines  are preparing the exam materials, as well as a description and instructions for the exam conducted by them in a  distance format, which will be published in a timely manner for your information on the Blackboard platform. You will also be acquainted with the rules of conduct during the exam.

Regarding the specifics of the different majors, specific information related to the completion of the semester, the implementation of pre-graduation internships and state examinations/theses defense – will be provided to you by the respective Faculty (Dean’s Office) through the approved channels for electronic communication with you.

Dear colleagues,

We encourage you to be active and to continue to follow the online training schedule until the end of the semester. Keep up to date with the exam requirements and adhere to the specified rules. We rely on your conscientiousness and responsibility.

Let us all make efforts, demonstrate flexibility, understanding and tolerance – to successfully cope with this complicated situation – a challenge for everyone of us.

Best wishes for health and success,

Prof. Dr. Albena Kerekovska, PhD

Director of Educational AffairsDirectorate