Dear colleagues,

As you are aware, the Medical University of Varna is home to students from all around the world. People from vastly different cultures get to communicate daily, making each and every participant of said interaction more enlightened and tolerant.

In order to celebrate our differences and learn about our colleagues in a way that is agreeable for all of us, the Medical University of Varna and the Student’s Council at MU-Varna have decided to organize an International Food Festival. Such multinational cuisine-related events are a staple of the University and traditionally take place annually in some form. Volunteer groups of students (each group presenting their country of origin) will be tasked with preparing several traditional dishes and presenting their history at the event, where a qualified jury will rate their meals. In the end, our gourmand colleagues will get to enjoy the volunteers’ hard work.

Information for the volunteers:

  1. Each group must consist of 3 to 5 people, and all of which must be from the same country of origin.
  2. The meals for the event have to be prepared the day before, or the same day as the event.
  3. Each group must present at least 3 different meals, each of which must be of ample quantity.
  4. Interesting facts about their country must be presented on a A3-sized poster at the event.
  5. Information about allergens in the dishes must be included in some form.

Groups can request to participate by email, by sending their:

  • Names and faculty numbers
  • Country of origin
  • Names of the dishes they intend to present


Participants will receive additional instructions by email in the weeks leading to the event. Should any questions arise, the volunteers will be informed where to ask them.

The deadline for the participation requests is the 15.10.2017

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