We have the pleasure of informing you that this year we will mark the beginning of the new scientific journal of Medical University of Varna – “Prof d-r Paraskev Stoyanov”, titled “SCRIPTA SCIENTIFICA VOX STUDENTIUM”. We would like to invite you to participate in its pilot edition.

All students who have participated in the symposium can submit articles. The requirements and guidelines can be found here.

The article submission deadline is 15.04.2017 at 23:59.

Every single student, who wishes to further their academic development is invited to be part of this edition of the journal by sending us an original full text article.

The creation and the participation in the creation of scientific articles is invaluable experience for your future career and an excellent way to improve your competence as a specialist.

The journal accepts only full text articles – an abstract and a full article, along with figures or tables attached to it, which aim to visualize the data. Full text articles share the same structure as abstracts, more precisely: aim – a clarification the main idea of the research and a short introduction of the topic, materials and methods – a description of the materials, the equipment and the research types which were used to reach the aim, results – a presentation of the results gathered in the research and their analysis, discussion – the importance of the results and their place in the scientific world, conclusion – a short and concise resumé of the previously mentioned information.

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