In the heat of the summer semester, throughout hard disciplines, practices and the rising number of colloquiums, we are convinced that all of us long for a rest, during which we leave everything and spontaneously find ourselves in a different situation, far away from monotonous routine. We believe the time for this has come! We offer you together to tour around the world for one night. Maybe most of you have already guessed, that we are talking about the traditional International Pulse Party.

Where? – ‘Black Sheep Games’ (‘Tsar Simeon I’ 27 street)
When? – 1st of May 2017 (Monday) at 21:00 o’clock

 Traditionally, all visitors, students and lecturers of MU-Varna will be able to try both world-known and unknown international dishes. In a combination with the great cuisine, the more curious of you will have the opportunity to learn something more about the culture of certain countries.

 In addition, each one of you will be able to test their skills by playing darts, pool, PinBall, table football and others. All games will be free between 21:00 and 23:00 o’clock, after that they become paid (price is fixed and determined for an hour).

 And if while reading this, you have become sure you can surprise people with your culinary ability, here are the requirements in order to participate:

  1. Each nationality has the right of 1 spot at the venue. Therefore, it is suggested to work in a team.
  2. Each team has a budget of 80lv for products, needed for preparation of the dishes. If the expenses exceed the budget, they are paid by the team.
  3. Each team should have 2 people in charge.
  4. Everybody, who wants to participate, ought to send an Email with personal details (names, specialty, year, faculty number) and the name of the country, which they will present. Deadline: 15h of April (Saturday)
  5. After reviewing the signed in, everyone will receive an Email as feedback and after approval, one should send a list of food products, which are necessary for their culinary presentation.
    Deadline for sending the list of products – 15th of April (Friday)

 P.S. Due to the specific nature of some products, which are typical for certain countries, they can be replaced with Bulgarian equivalents. If they are declined, the price is paid personally by the culinary team.

As the party is private, on entry you should show a personal document (student’s card/card for the library) to verify that you are a student or a lecturer from MU-Varna. Each guest has the right to bring +1 companion.

We are expecting you!

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