You love filling your free time, as little as it is, with computer games? We have prepared a special surprise for you exactly for this reason. Yes, the surprise is the annual Click’n’Win gaming tournament. There is no greater pleasure than competing with your colleagues, using your favourite champion, football team or automatic weapon.

Host of the event this year will be the well-acknowledged for gaming tournaments in Varna computer hall – DOOM-6, on ‘Otets Paisii’ № 22 street, next to bar ‘Garden’. The tournament will be held on the 25th and the 26th of March between 19:00 and 00:00 o’clock.

Everybody who wants to join, has to send an email to, which should contain three names (for team games – name of the team and the captain), year, specialty and a mobile number for contact.

Only for students from MU-Varna!

People in charge:

Deadline to sign up: 24.03.2017 (Friday), 00:00 o’clock

The tournaments will be held as it follows:

League of Legends

The tournament will be held in 5 vs 5 format in Tournament Mode on the server EUNE.

FIFA 2017

The tournament will be held on consoles – Playstation 4, individual participation. After carrying the group phases, there will be a phase of direct elimination with which will be chosen the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. It is allowed to choose club teams but not national ones. There will be additional information on the holding of the separate matches.

Due to significant interest the following tournament will be held: Counter-Strike 1.6

The game is played by teams and each team consists of 5 people. The tournament will be held on the base of direct eliminations, as each match will take place on one map of 30 rounds, except for the semi-finals and the finals – they will be on 3 maps of 20 rounds. Duration of one round – 1h 45min.



League of Legends

1st place – Headphones Razer Kraken

2nd place – Bloody V5m Gaming optic mouse

3rd place – Bloody B-071 Gaming pad

Counter-Strike 1.6

1st place – Razer Abyssus V2 Gaming mouse

2nd place – Bloody V5M Gaming optic mouse

3rd place – Bloody B-071 Gaming pad

Fifa 2017

1st place – 50 lv Voucher for Pulsar and a soccer ball PES.

2nd place – 30 lv Voucher for Pulsar and a hat

3rd place – 20 lv Voucher for Pulsar and a scarf 

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