Final MUvember Party

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Dear colleagues,

On the 30th of November 2017 (Thursday) at 22.00h, the Committee of Reproductive Health and AIDS at the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria – Varna (AMSB), along with ADMS, APSV and the Student Council at the Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov “- Varna, will declare the official opening of the final party of the MUvember campaign, which took place last month. The purpose of the campaign is protection and prevention of male health via multiple information initiatives and free medical examinations. The event will be held at the Rubic Art Center, located near the railway station. Here is what the organizers of the event offer:

  • awesome music
  • table football tournament WITHOUT PARTICIPATION FEE. The winners will get a SPECIAL PRIZE. In order to participate you need to form teams of two and sign up via the following FORM.

We are expecting you!

Charity Christmas Bazaar /03.12.2017/

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Dear colleagues,

The Charity Christmas Bazaar is an annual event, organized by the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria-Varna, ADMS, APSV and the Student Council at the Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov ” – Varna. Traditionally, in the spirit of Christmas, students will come together to make Christmas cards, stained glass and ornaments, which will then be sold. The money raised will be donated for the purchase of emergency-medicine kits for children, threatened by adrenaline crises, and will be provided to the Association of People with Rare Diseases.

If you would like to participate, you are welcome on the 3rd of December (Sunday) 13:00h at Auditorium 3. To sign up, you can contact Svetoslav Stoyanov – the campaign manager, or send an email with your names and faculty number to: or phone +359 896 01 68 76. If you are unable to attend or you are in need of materials for making Christmas products, you can contact the above mentioned person after a preliminary arrangement.

International Food Festival

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Dear colleagues,

Medical University – Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” and its Student Council have a longstanding tradition of organizing events with the intention of bringing together students of different national backgrounds. The most notable of which is the “International Food Festival”.

An evening like this is held annually and it attracts a lot of interest from our fellow medics in training, and this year’s event is no different – being so significant, that even a change of venue was in order. It is going to take place at Rappongi Beach Restaurant on the 1st of December 2017 at 6:00 pm.

Like always, our colleagues with culinary inclinations will be expected to do their very best and provide us with an abundant and savory collection of dishes from the national cuisine that they are representing. Their efforts will be rated by our jury (the identities of which will be disclosed later), and after the verdict has been given, we will get to enjoy the results of the contestants’ labor. The programme of the festival will also include games and surprises for the guests.

We urge you to respect the work of our colleagues and avoid bringing any food or beverages in the venue. Rappongi Beach Restaurant has a limited capacity for visitors, so attending at an earlier hour is advisable.

The event is only for students and members of the academic staff of Medical University-Varna! As always, entry is permitted after showing a library or student’s card.

Consider yourselves cordially invited to partake in this exquisitely delicious festival!



Intoxicated people and those, who have indecent or dirty clothes, will not be allowed at the festival. Bringing firearms, gas pistols or cold steel in the venue is forbidden. It is also prohibited to bring in objects, which can be used as weapons such as knuckles, bats, protective spray devices, coloring or corrosive substances, pyrotechnic items. The venue will be strictly monitored for drugs and for smoking in the halls, as well. Due to those facts, all guests will be inspected on entry. In order to follow fire safety regulations, if the number of people reaches 300, no more guests will be allowed at the festival.

MU-Varna and the Bulgarian Drug Agency Launched an Information Campaign on Adverse Drug Reactions

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Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” – Varna, together with the Bulgarian Drug Agency have launched a campaign to promote adverse drug reaction reporting. The campaign is on a pan–European scale and is coordinated with all the participating countries. The information initiative will be held from 20 to 24 November.

Interesting publications and videos related to them are forthcoming on the website of MU-Varna!

Five Star 8th of December – Second Announcement

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Dear colleagues,

From the 13.11.17 /Monday/ until the 24.11.17 (Friday) including, from 10:00h to 17:00h at the Students’ Council office (room 213 of the Rectorate building), the second part of the sum for the 8th of December reservation (60 BGN) can be deposited. If there are any colleagues, who wish to be part of the event, but have for whatever reason missed the initial payment, they can reserve a place by paying the entire sum instead (130 BGN).

The frosty winter air reminds us of the rapidly approaching end of the semester and the wonderful event, which accompanies it, namely the Five star 8th of December. Despite the truly unique programme you will get to enjoy on the evening of the holiday, no true event of such scale could be complete without a proper full-course meal! We deem it only fair to share with you the menu that awaits our colleagues at the “International” hotel. A team of master chefs has been charged with the challenging task to comply with even the most pretentious of tastes among us. With unwavering dedication and attention to details, they offer you:


Bringing alcoholic beverages to the event is forbidden, however, exclusively for us, the students of Medical University – Varna, the venue offers preferential rates for them.

Take note, that should you wish for a vegetarian menu, it must be stated during the payment of the second part of the reservation. Preferences about where and with whom to be seated with must also be mentioned at that time. The Students’ Council will do its very best to comply with the wishes of every single guest about seating, however, it reserves the right to make changes.

The Eight of December, unique in its origin as a holiday on an international scale, is traditionally thought of by Bulgarian students as a time to meet people with whom they share common interests both personally and professionally. The Medical University of Varna is one of the higher education institutions in the country with the largest number of specialties and faculties in other cities. Let us spend an unforgettable holiday together, truly different from the one, experienced by other Bulgarian students!

Medical University-Varna Organizes the Campaign “If in Doubt – Get Checked Out” for the Sixth Consecutive Time

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The annual information and prevention campaign “If in Doubt – Get Checked Out” will be held on 12-13 November 2017. This initiative has been organized for the sixth consecutive year on the occasion of the Mouth Cancer Action Month – November.

The campaign is organized by the Association of Students of Dental Medicine – Varna, in close cooperation with the Association of Medical Students – Varna (AMS-Varna), the Association of Students of Pharmacy – Varna (ASP-Varna), the Student Council and with the assistance of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at FDM, as well as the Academic Management at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and MU – Varna.

Traditionally, the campaign “If in Doubt – Get Checked Out” consists of an information and prophylactic part. The information part will start with distributing promotional materials on 12th and 13th November 2017.

On 12th November a special stand will be located at Grand Mall – Varna from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

On 13th November the stands at University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna and the Faculty of Dental Medicine will operate between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., where advertising brochures and flyers will be distributed, too.

The prophylactic part of the campaign will be held on 13th November, including free medical check-ups at the Faculty of Dental Medicine from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in room 208 and at University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in room 928.

The results from the previous campaigns have shown a steady growth of the number of examined citizens. This brings us to the conclusion that oral cancer can be overcome if diagnosed on time.

To register for taking part in the campaign and further enquiries, you can contact the people in charge of the campaign – Tina Traykova (GSM: 089 555 6972) and Miroslav Stoykov (GSM: 089 678 7758).

HealthTech Startup Week in Medical University – Varna 23.10-26.10

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Varna Startup Week in HealthTech will take place at Lecture Hall 3 of Medical University of Varna between 23 and 26 October.

Book your free ticket now here

The Schedule:
23.10.17 19:00 Official Opening of the Conference
19:10 Dr. Katya Kazakova (Neurologist / Psychotherapist) – Sleeping pill Android app
19:30 Dr. Peter Valchanov – 3D and 4D holograms in the medicine

24.10.17 19:30 Silvia Stumpf – How to attract funding for your innovative idea in health sector
20:15 Mircea Vadan – Presenting the romanian IT startup FreshBlood

25.10.17 19:30 Dr. Eliya Kostova – Telemedicine and recreation
20:15 Neven Boyanov – demonstration of DivaCare – How technology helps therapists connect and work remotely with their patients

26.10.17 19:30 Mira Jennings – 3D printing prosthetics

Dr. Katya Kazakova (Neurologist / Psychotherapist) – Sleeping pill Android app
A harmless and free method of sleeping invented by neurologist and psychotherapist Dr. Katya Kazakova. Combining modern technology with natural sounds, she made a mobile phone application called Sleeping pill. The 30-minute relaxation session provides the natural entrance to sleep amid nature’s noises and specially selected music, and the end is a cricket song.

Dr. Peter Valchanov – 3D and 4D holograms in the medicine
In the last two decades the 3D visualization techniques became a powerful tool in the practice of the medical specialist. 2D medical imaging modalities as CT and MRI scans can be easily represented as three dimensional models, which increases the informational value of the studies, improves the diagnostics in the routine medical practice, increases the quality of the medical education and saves times in the busy schedule of the clinicians and university professors alike. The recent development of the holographic techniques and their increased availability gives to the medical professionals another powerful instrument, which is capable to transform the 3D visualizations into realistic and compelling hologram, which further improves the quality of the medical imaging techniques.

Silvia Stumpf – How to attract funding for your innovative idea in health sector
The slow digitalization of Bulgaria puts at risk the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy, although the ICT industry is doing great in general. Bulgaria has the needed prerequisites in infrastructure and human workforce, a great potential and capacity for triggering a vast deployment of successful market innovations in the health care – innovative companies, qualified experts, leading researchers and available funding. What slows the process is the weak cooperation within the Quadruple-helix model participants, which includes also the end users. How the concept could intensify the ICT innovations projects in health sector?

Dr. Eliya Kostova – Telemedicine and recreation
What is Telemedicine? Organisation and beneficiaries – both for practitioners, patients and patients relatives. How Telemedicine enhance prevention and recreation for human health.

Neven Boyanov – demonstration of DivaCare – How technology helps therapists connect and work remotely with their patients
DivaCare is an example of how the technology could help in bringing telemedicine services to people who need them, in areas where they were previously unavailable, at an affordable price and higher quality. The idea for building the platform came as a result of the personal experience of one of the founders, who is also a neurologist, while she was going through the post-surgery treatment after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The DivaCare platform is currently in beta stage and is launching a crowdfunding campaign in an effort to make it available free of charge for more people.

Mira Jennings – 3D printing prosthetics
3D printing has countless applications in all areas of life, including medicine. Now we don’t need thousands of euros to change someone’s life – 3D printing is the future of affordable, aesthetically pleasing and functional prosthetics.

Techstars Startup Week™ brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together over five days to build momentum and opportunity around your community’s unique entrepreneurial identity. Join in a celebration led by entrepreneurs and hosted in the entrepreneurial spaces you love.
The conference is supported by the Students’ Council in Medical University-Varna, Varna Municipality, Varna European Youth Capital 2017, Culture Fund Varna.

Beehive Co-working Space Varna

Organizer of Varna Startup Week in HealthTech
Beehive Varna Co-working space is a place which gathers a group of people who work independently but share the same values ​​and interests. Beehive involves a shared working environment, often office and multiple training events and activities. Unlike typical office environment, the co-working spaces are not employed by the same organization, each member hire desk and chair and has access to high speed internet.

Five Star December 8, 2017

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Dear colleagues,

We hope that the last article about the upcoming festivities has managed to spike your interest about the coveted date near the end of the semester. In order to avoid keeping you in the dark, we consider it appropriate to share some information about the rapidly approaching five-star eight of December.

And now for the important part – the people who will be the hosts of the event and who will provide us with music until the early dawn…

Laughter is the best medicine, despite being extremely contagious. Victor Kalev and Krasi Radkov will take the stage that evening, and we urge you to ask somebody from the Bulgarian program to explain who these particular celebrities are.

The person, responsible for preparing an unique musical program is the no less-famous singer – Mariya Illieva. The Diva will arrive with her own band, who together with DJ Ivo, are instructed to keep you from going to bed.

As you already know, the event will take place at the “International” hotel, located in the “Golden Sands” resort. For those among you that have been in Varna only for a short while (and those that have never had the opportunity to visit the location), we wish to clarify that this is one of the most luxurious and internationally approved hotels on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea, selected specifically for your comfort and enjoyment by the Students’ Council.

The package includes:

  • Festive gala evening with a 4-course menu, prepared by great chefs (vegetarian preferences will also be satisfied)
  • 1 night’s stay at the hotel
  • Breakfast on the 9th after the celebration
  • Free parking space for each guest
  • Enclosed pool
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fitness
  • SPA-centre
  • Special cake for the occasion
  • Grand firework display
  • Prolonged working hours of the complex until 04:00h
  • All other comforts, offered by the 5-star hotel

Don’t think that the mentioned surprises are the only ones awaiting you…

Information about reservations:

  • Double and triple rooms are available.
  • The package includes: 1 night’s stay at the hotel, 1 gala evening, 1 breakfast, enclosed pool, safe, Wi-Fi, parking spaces with video surveillance, insurance, VAT.
  • The price for the reservation is 130BGN, which is to be paid in two installments (70 and 60BGN)
  • Starting dates for the admission of reservations: 23.10.2017 (Monday) to 03.11.2017 (Friday), from 10:00 to 17:00h at the office of the Students’ Council (room 213) on the 2nd floor of the Rectorate building. In order to reserve a room, you must bring the first installment (70BGN) and mention your names, specialty, year and faculty number for you and your roommate.
  • After a room has been reserved, refunds and exchanges are not permitted.

Hurry up because places are limited!

Albums of previous editions of the event:

2013                                      2015

Clip of the “International” hotel:


Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine 2018 with a Jubilee Session on Healthcare Management

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The Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine (BSYSB) and the Jubilee Session on Healthcare Management are organized by the Students’ Council at the Medical University of Varna, the Association of Medical Students – Varna, the Association of Dental Medicine Students-Varna and the Association of Pharmacy Students -Varna.

For the sixth consecutive year BSYSB will allow for an international academic gathering for student and young scientists in the medical fields. The symposium will take place in the majestic and ancient Maritime Capital of Bulgaria, allowing for a rich scientific and social program in the lovely spring month of April. BSYSB attracts the presence of more than 600 young scientists from around the globe annually, which are eager to present their fascinating scientific findings and share their personal experience over a varied scientific program and discussions. Participants are met with a sublime social program and are given the opportunity to discuss their topics of interest with international guest lecturers.

The symposium is for all students and graduates in specialties related to Biomedicine and Healthcare.

The Jubilee Session is dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of “Healthcare Management” specialty in Bulgaria.

On the 26th of May 1993, the Academic Council of the Higher Medical Institute – Varna started the first academic program in Healthcare Management in Bulgaria. Twenty-five years later, we, the professors and students are working together to enhance the knowledge and expertise in healthcare management in Bulgaria for the wellbeing of patients, professionals, and society altogether.

The official language of BSYSB 2018 is English.

The official languages of the Jubilee Session on Healthcare Management are English and Bulgarian.


Students from 9 Countries Will Present Their Traditional Cuisine and Culture at MU-Varna

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For the fourth year in a row, students and lecturers from MU-Varna will have the opportunity to try interesting dishes and to get a grasp of the culture of 9 different countries – Armenia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, Finland and Bulgaria. This happens annually at the traditional International Pulse Party – an event, during which students from different nationalities present their own traditional cuisine. The event will take place on the 1st of May 2017 at 21:00 o’clock in ‘Black Sheep Games’ (‘Tsar Simeon I’ 27 Street).  Each student from MU-Varna will be able to compete in games, including darts, pool, PinBall or table football, which will be free from 21:00 to 23:00 o’clock. 

During the party every student will receive a special passport on entrance. The passport will be filled when visiting the culinary tables of separate countries. Behind the deck will be the well-known DJ Happy, who will complete the atmosphere with popular hits from all over the world!

Organisator of this annual event is the Student’s Council of Medical University-Varna and this year, the event is held in support of Varna European Youth Capital 2017.

Welcome and let’s all experience an international atmosphere, combining delicious cuisine, games and great fun!