MU – Varna is the Best University for Medical Education in Bulgaria

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Medical University – Varna began 2018 with a new, highest award of honour for quality of training, which is recognition of the extremely successful strategy for development, implemented by the academic management. The Minister of Education Mr. Krasimir Valchev awarded the well-deserved distinction – first place for quality of medical education to Medical University – Varna. This happened at a formal ceremony for awarding the best universities in Bulgaria, which was held at the Central Military Club in Sofia and was organized by the 24 Hours newspaper. The prize of MU-Varna is in the field of Medicine and is awarded for high quality of education in line with labour market needs, based on the rating of higher schools, done by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The upward trend in the development, expansion and modernization of the University over the last few years has had its profound impact and has led to a sustainable high interest on the part of Bulgarian and foreign students. Each year the number of students willing to study at MU – Varna has been growing, with 7 people applying for 1 place and 3 applicants competing for each place in the English language training programmes. Undoubtedly, the Affiliates in Shumen, Veliko Tarnovo and Sliven have contributed to the development of education and science in these cities. In 2017 MU-Varna received scores of awards and prizes, among which the first place in the category “Best Innovation for Education” at the prestigious World Webit Festival, which brings together the elite from the five continents in the field of IT technologies. The world-renowned TV leader BBC has selected MU-Varna to produce a report on medical training, and the team was impressed by the high technology in training. The new building of the Faculty of Pharmacy was awarded with the highest prize in “Building of the Year” Competition, in the category of educational infrastructure immediately after its construction. In 2017 the Rector Prof. Krasimir Ivanov received the award “Personality of the Year” by the Mayor of Shumen Municipality, “Honorary Citizen of Sliven” by the Mayor of Sliven Municipality, he was awarded with the golden Honorary Sign “For Merits to Varna” by the Mayor of Varna Municipality in 2015, and in 2016 with a gold Medal for Merit by the BRC General Manager.

This is yet another award for the high quality of training at MU – Varna, which is due both to the high level of training in the different disciplines, the application of medical simulators and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in training, following the model of the leading universities in the world, and also to the practical training at one of the most high-tech hospitals in Bulgaria – University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna. All this is the foundation for the high evaluation given by the consumers for the quality of the graduates of MU-Varna, who find 100% realization on the labour market after graduation.

The integration of modern IT solutions, systems and innovations in the educational process is a part of the strategy of the management of MU – Varna for high-tech training of the students in medical and healthcare specialties in Bulgaria, which ranks it among the most modern medical higher schools in the world. The videoconference system, which is implemented at all training facilities of the University and the Affiliates, provides an opportunity for telecommunication with any part of the world during conferences, for connecting different participants in joint sessions, for conducting distant lectures, presentations and discussions. At MU-Varna there is an opportunity for interactive content creation and dissemination since undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students attend international lectures during their education. This is the other key to success-working with international partners and international teams. The University hosts prominent international lecturers and clinicians who perform operations with their own and with Bulgarian teams. This attracts and motivates young doctors to reach for the highest level both in theoretical and practical training.

Medical Students Presented MU-Varna at the European Congress on Neurosurgery

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The third-year medical students from the English language programme at MU – Varna Zarina Brady and Shahsvar Arif participated at the European Congress on Neurosurgery in Venice, Italy.

The students presented a case on “Treatment of Penetrating Head Trauma in Children”. The presentation was a cooperative work with Prof. Dr. Yavor Enchev, Dr. Toni Kondev and Dr. Bogomil Iliev from the Department of Neurosurgery. The students thanked their lecturers for their help and support.

Four Students from the Medical University Were Awarded on the Eve of 8th December by the Municipality of Varna

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Four students from Medical University – Varna were awarded on the eve of 8th December by the Municipality of Varna. The Mayor Mr. Ivan Portnih and the Chairperson of the Municipal Council Todor Balabanov presented the annual prizes to students from the Varna Higher Education Institutions, ranked first, second and third at Student Olympiads, international and national competitions and contests, with excellent achievements at scientific forums. At the official ceremony the awards from the municipal contest “Best Diploma Thesis” were presented as well.

The award in the field of Healthcare and Sports was given to Desislav Dobrev – 6th-year student, specialty Dental Medicine, and 3 students from Medical University – Varna were awarded in the competition for best diploma thesis. Svetlana Radeva was awarded with the first prize for her diploma thesis in the field of Humanities, entitled “Adaptation for Practising Obstetric Profession in Hospital Conditions”, with a supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lora Georgieva, the second prize was awarded to Elena Ignatova for her diploma thesis on “Analysis of the Cost of Surgical Treatment, Requiring the Use of Medical Implants in the Field of Orthopedics and Traumatology”, with a supervisor Assoc. Prof. Lyubomira Koeva. The second prize in the field of Economics was awarded to Petya Sarkizova for her diploma thesis entitled “Analysis of the Financial Situation of Municipal Medical Diagnostic and Consultation Centres – Plovdiv”, with a supervisor Assoc. Prof. Lyubomira Koeva. All three awarded students are from the Faculty of Public Health at Medical University-Varna.

“Dear students, we sincerely rejoice at your achievements and your first steps in science. I believe your theses will find their practical implementation. As administration we are certain that the investments in education, innovative way of thinking and creativity are extremely important to every young person and to the development of our city. Congratulations to the award winners as well as to the lecturers and the managements of the higher education institutions. On the eve of the student holiday, I wish you to be healthy, successful and to achieve your professional realization here in Varna,” said the Mayor Ivan Portnih.

Culinary Masterpieces from 10 Nationalities Were Presented at the International Culinary Evening “A Healthy Food for a Wealthy Mood”

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Rappongi Restaurant hosted the fourth consecutive International Culinary Evening on 1st December, which this year was entitled “A healthy food for a wealthy mood”. More than 300 students had the opportunity to taste the tempting suggestions presented by 11 teams.

The culinary fiesta gathered nearly 60 students – chefs from the Bulgarian and English language training programmes. At the beginning of the “delicious” evening the captains of the teams presented the traditional dishes from their national cuisine, which were selected for the competition.

Tavche-gravche (a dish, prepared with baked beans), saffron rice, cabbils, hummus, gobi manchurian, tortilla, vareniki (dumplings)with sour cherries, dzadziki (cacık) , Rhodopean patatnik (traditional Bulgarian potato-based dish, characteristic of the Rhodope Mountains) and hare hunter style were just a few of the intriguing proposals of the teams from Cyprus, Germany, Ukraine, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iran and the two Bulgarian teams “Cherry” and “Soup-A-star”.

Besides the students who demonstrated their culinary skills, the organizers managed to involve the whole audience in a variety of games with special prizes. Tasting food and beverages with folded eyes, pealing eggs with two left hands, culinary quiz and games boosted the mood of the participants and brought terrific prizes and enthralling positive emotions to them.

As a compliment from the management of MU-Varna, the team of the student canteen “Quantum Satis” had prepared for all guests traditional Bulgarian dishes, which really fascinated the foreign students.

The jury, including Chef Emil Vidov from Rappongi Restaurant, Chef Vladimir Stamov from By the Sea Restaurant and Chef Philip Spasov from Bistro Europe, evaluated the dishes according to a special assessment system, and after a consultation they ranked the participants from the teams of India, Iran and Spain in the first three places. The winners received brunch and dinner vouchers at Bistro Europe, By the Sea and Rappongi Restaurants. The organizers of the event at MU-Varna decided to award a special prize to the Macedonian team. All participants received traditional Bulgarian guveche (a small clay pot) as well as many other gifts.

Anti-AIDS Campaign December 2017

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Dear colleagues, 

To date, there are twice as many people diagnosed with HIV compared to a decade ago. In 2016 in Bulgaria there were 193 new cases of HIV infections amongst 263,900 examined. 88% of the registered were sexually infected. The seropositive people in the country are officially 2460.

Statistics show that the diligence of volunteers, involved in conducting various Anti-AIDS initiatives, should not go away, precisely because of these people. On this occasion, the World AIDS Day (1st of December), students from the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria – Varna, the Association of Dental Medicine Students, the Association of Pharmacy Students in Varna and the Student Council at the Medical University – Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov “, with the assistance of the Prevention Directorate and the RHI, unite once again to address a common cause. 

The date is December 1st /Friday/ and the meeting points are:

Anyone, willing to join one of the listed places, can contact the event manager – Ralitsa Marinova, by sending their full name, faculty number, specialty, year and email. On the date in front of the main entrance of Grand Mall Varna, a mobile HIV / AIDS study room will be located after 15:00h.

Today, everyone is the author of their own story. On December 1st, let’s write together a better end to this story.

MU-Varna Became the Vice Champion at the University Tournament “Cup 8th December”

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The official award ceremony of the Student Tournament “Cup 8th December”, in which more than 450 students took part this year, was held on 18th November, at “Yunashki Salon” in Varna. Organizers of the event were the Municipality of Varna, the Student Councils of the Universities, as well as the academic units in charge of sports.

The programme included 7 sports: table tennis, volleyball, swimming, mini football, bowling, streetball 3×3 and an athletics cross.

In the individual table tennis competition MU-Varna won unprecedented two first places in men’s and women’s competitions with the brilliant performance of Tsvetomir Yankov and Elizaveta Pugachova. The student of MU – Varna Hrisimir Todorov won second place among men, and Lilly Mearpoor was ranked third in the women’s contest. The team of MU-Varna grabbed the gold in the women’s team ranking, and the men won a silver medal.

Our men’s team was ranked third among the 7 participants in the 3×3 streetball tournament, held on Friday, in the sports hall of MU – Varna, and in the volleyball tournament the boys ranked second.

Almost 100 students took part in the swimming tournament, and the main competition was between MU – Varna and N. Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy. The students of MU-Varna Antonia Stoyanova and Ana Gorbacho won 2nd and 3rd place in the women’s competition in the final ranking in the discipline of butterfly, while the third place in the men’s contest was for Arseniy Beketov. The three prizes in 50m women’s backstroke were won by our students. Nora Pendov is first, followed by Marie Wetter and Nele Rudolf. Ana Gorbacho and Nele Rudolf were ranked second and third in 50m women’s breaststroke. Candela Dominges from MU – Varna grabbed the silver medal in 50 m freestyle.

The team of MU-Varna, including Dimitrov, Stoyanova, Botsaris, Kiryazova, Beketov achieved a time of 2: 25, 26 minutes in the relay 5x50m freestyle 3 men/2 women. MU-Varna won the silver medal with 470.5 points in the final complex ranking in swimming at “Cup 8th  December”.

The students of Medical University – Varna had total domination in the bowling tournament, winning with the devastating score of 946 points for two games. The champion team included Velizar G.aydardzhiev, Emanuela Tencheva, Georgi Tsonev, Aleksandar Andreev, Nikola Bagovski.

The athlete from MU-Varna Stefan Mihailov, who ran 2000 meters for 6:34 min, won the honorable third place in the athletics cross for men.

Just like any other year before, on the basis of the individual results, men’s and women’s team ranking, as well as the complex ranking among the universities were formed, in which the men and women from Medical University-Varna won the third place.

The winners in mini football at “Cup 8th December 8” became known on Friday (17.11.2017) after a week-long competitive battle. Our sportsmen won the honorable second place.

The Folk Dance Ensemble at MU-Varna, with artistic director Diana Dimitrova, who performed “Severnyashko Horo” took care of the good mood of the students and the guests, while Element Ballet delighted the audience with a different style of modern dances.

Medical University – Varna congratulates the students on their brilliant performance and wishes them new achievements!


AMSB-Varna Meeting

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Dear colleagues,

Do you like to work in a team and be active during campaigns?

The board of AMSB – Varna is going to have a meeting for those who are interested in AMSB, the work we do, the structure and how to become a part of the AMSB – Team. If you are interested and want to have further information, meet us on the 30th of November (Thursday) 19h at Auditorium 3. After the meeting each participant is invited to join the special MUvember party, which will mark the end of the MUvemver campaign.


We are waiting for you!

International Food Festival

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Dear colleagues,

Medical University – Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” and its Student Council have a longstanding tradition of organizing events with the intention of bringing together students of different national backgrounds. The most notable of which is the “International Food Festival”.

An evening like this is held annually and it attracts a lot of interest from our fellow medics in training, and this year’s event is no different – being so significant, that even a change of venue was in order. It is going to take place at Rappongi Beach Restaurant on the 1st of December 2017 at 6:00 pm.

Like always, our colleagues with culinary inclinations will be expected to do their very best and provide us with an abundant and savory collection of dishes from the national cuisine that they are representing. Their efforts will be rated by our jury (the identities of which will be disclosed later), and after the verdict has been given, we will get to enjoy the results of the contestants’ labor. The programme of the festival will also include games and surprises for the guests.

We urge you to respect the work of our colleagues and avoid bringing any food or beverages in the venue. Rappongi Beach Restaurant has a limited capacity for visitors, so attending at an earlier hour is advisable.

The event is only for students and members of the academic staff of Medical University-Varna! As always, entry is permitted after showing a library or student’s card.

Consider yourselves cordially invited to partake in this exquisitely delicious festival!



Intoxicated people and those, who have indecent or dirty clothes, will not be allowed at the festival. Bringing firearms, gas pistols or cold steel in the venue is forbidden. It is also prohibited to bring in objects, which can be used as weapons such as knuckles, bats, protective spray devices, coloring or corrosive substances, pyrotechnic items. The venue will be strictly monitored for drugs and for smoking in the halls, as well. Due to those facts, all guests will be inspected on entry. In order to follow fire safety regulations, if the number of people reaches 300, no more guests will be allowed at the festival.

MUvember Campaign

November 21, 2017By Antonia GenovaStudent activity No Comments

Dear colleagues,

For the third time in a row we invite you to join the initiative of AMSB – VARNA along with the Medical University-Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”, the Student Council of MU-Varna, the Associations of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy Students in Varna, for mens’ health, which this year is called MUvember.

Here’s how you can join:

  • If you are a happy, energetic and sociable student studying Medicine, who is looking for new connections with colleagues.
  • If you want to participate in a great game for which you will have more information right before the start of it.
  • If you want to win a prize.
  • You should:

1. Take a photo with the MUvember photo frame.

  • 22.11.2017 /Wednesday/ from 3:00pm to 5:00pm – in the Rectorate building of MU-Varna
  • 23.11.2017 /Thursday/ from 2pm to 4pm – in the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy

2. Upload your photo with the frame to facebook with #MUvember.

  • From 22.11.17 /Wednesday/ until 3pm on 28.11.17 /Tuesday/ you can enter our competition for the most popular photo with the MUvember frame.
  • Gather the most “likes”.

3. Win a prize!

  • You will receive your prize on 30.11.2017 /Thursday/ at 10pm in Rubic Art Center on the third annual party for the campaign. There will be another post with more information about the party.

If would like to gain some comunication skills, confidence and learn more about mens’ health, you should sign up for our campaign. 

You can sign by contacting: Ralitsa Marinova (LORA for Varna) Tel: 0895 947 324


Call for Assistants for AMSB

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Dear colleagues,

Do you want to get to know more about AMSB ? Then we have an offer for you.

If you are a motivated, responsible and creative member of AMSB – Varna with innovative ideas and the will to develop within the association, this is your opportunity. If you want to be part of the team of local officers and want to enrich your capabilities and skills, then you can realise it by candidating for assistant spots in the following committees:

Assistant for President (Gabriela Panayotova) – 3 spots

Assistant for Vice-President (Eva Stefanova) – 3 spots

Assistant for Vice President for International Activities (Jean Popow) – 3 spots

Assistant for Secretary (Halil Halil) – 3 spots

Аssistant for PR (Jordan Jankushev) – 3 spots

Аssistant for Reproductive Health and AIDS (Ralitsa Маrinova) – 3 spots

Аssistant for Public Health (Desislava Stankova) – 3 spots

Assistant for Human Rights and Peace (Svetoslav Stoyanov) – 3 spots

Аssistant for Medical Education (Аlexander Mitev) – 3 spots

Assistant for Research Exchange (Maria Мarinova) – 3 spots

Аssistant for Professional Exchange (Кrasimira Velikova and Kristina Petrova) – 3 spots

You can candidate via the following E-mail Address:, with an attached motivational letter and a CV, latest 23:59 on 26.11.2017 /Sunday/.