Golf – Sport or Lifestyle

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On 29.05.2018 (Tuesday) at 16:00 in the Auditorium I of the Medical University – Varna lecture titled: “Golf – Sport or Lifestyle” will be presented by Veselin Savoia – Director of “Thracian Cliffs” – Golf, PGA Golf Professional, Member of the Professional Golf Association – Germany. All students and lecturers from Medical University – Varna as well as all those who are interested are invited to the presentation.

Veselin Savoia has graduated from the National Sports Academy and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of sports management, golf and golf physiotherapy. The mission of Veselin Savoia is to present the benefits of golf to the wider public and to demonstrate how the game of golf exemplifies life with personality traits such as will, strength, courage and precision carrying over into people’s business and personal relatonships.

Varna Universiade – 2018

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Dear colleagues, 

The Varna Universiade is a sports tournament, which is held annually. We invite all students who wish to participate in the 19th edition of the event – from the 14th to the 28th of April 2018.


You can sign up for these sports, which will take place in the following order:

  1. Athletics Race – 14.04.2018 in the Maritime Garden, under the Summer Theater. There will be individual and team rankings;
  2. Volleyball – from 16 to 23.04.2018 in University of Economics – Varna. Female and male teams are included;
  3. Mini Football – from 16 to 20.04.2018 in Municipal Sports Complex “Mladost”;
  4. Bowling – 18.04.2018 in “Playground”, Mall Varna. Four teams are included in the competition, each consisting of 5 people (there is an option to add reserve players);
  5. Tennis – from 20 to 21.04.2018 in TC “Chaika”;
  6. Swimming – 21.04.2018 in “Primorski” Swimming pool;
  7. Table tennis – from 15 to 16.04.2018 in University of Economics – Varna;
  8. Basketball – from 23 to 27.04.2018 in Medical university – Varna;
  9. Chess – 23.04.2018 in Sports Hall “Yunashki Salon”;

You can register for participation in the competitions directly at the office of TRS SPORT in Medical university – Varna.

ONLY the registration for participation in the bowling competition is by sending an e-mail to The email should contain the names and faculty numbers of the players, as well as the telephone number of the captain of the team.


Important information: Medical university – Varna will be represented by its official teams in the competitions of basketball, football and volleyball. If you are great at sports and willing to participate, you can join the teams and show your abilities during the next edition of the Varna Universiade.

Deadline for registration: 09.04.2018

For additional information you can turn to TRS Sport or send an e-mail to

Award Ceremony of the Winners in the Sports Tournament “Rector’s Cup” 2017

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Dear colleagues,

On the 30.10 was the final of the most massive up to this date sports tournament of Medical University-Varna – “Rector’s Cup” 2017. The participants had the opportunity to compete in 13 different sports during the tournament. Due to the skilled contenders, a lot of the competitions were very challenging. However, there are clear winners in each category. 

The award ceremony of the winners will be held on the 14.11.2017 (Tuesday) at 18:30h in Auditorium 1 (Rectorate building). All students, whether they have participated in the sports tournament or not, are invited to enjoy the special programme, prepared for the ceremony.

Let’s support our colleagues, who engage in sports and who are the main reason why Medical University – Varna is one of the universities in the country with the most sports achievements.

“Rector’s cup” football tournament ruleset

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1. Duration of the matches will be:
a)group stage- 2 halftimes 15 mins each
b)direct eliminations: 2 halftimes 20 mins each

2. In direct elimination matches there is no additional time if it is a draw. In this situation penalty shootout is done (5 shots per team; if needed the keeper also shoots)

3. It is forbidden to play with cleats. Only boots type „centipede“. If there is a problem with the boots, the decision is made by the referee and the member of the organization team.

4. Each team consist of 5+1 players, and 3 substitutions maximum. To start it is needed to have at least 5 people. Teams that do not show up or have less than 5 people are disqualified. Substitutions are not limited. Before substitution the referee has to give his permission (only when game is paused).

5. No dangerous slide-tackles permitted. If it is done, it is a foul for the other team.

6. It is forbidden to play with something that can do harm on anyone (watches, bracelets, glasses…etc)

7. No offsides will be marked.

8. If a ball is passed to the keeper, he can`t catch it with hands (except it is passed with head). Otherwise it is a foul for the other team.

9. A goal CANNOT be scored after a shot from the goalie or throw in.

10. Throw in is done by foot from the ground.

11. If a player gets yellow card, he MUST go out of the pitch for 2 minutes. (verbal attacks will be punished with a yellow card). The second yellow card means red.
Red card: the player is send out of the match for the rest of the game time and is disqualified for the following match as well.

12. It is forbidden to play with glasses.

13. When two teams have equal points in one group to direct eliminations go the winner from the direct match (if it was a draw, the team with better goal difference continues).

14. 5 minutes before each game the two captains have to meet the referee.

15. In case of injury (bleeding) player has to be substituted until bleeding is stopped.

16. After each goal the player who scored it has to report his name to the referee.

17. No player is allowed to play for more than one team. During the tournament a player is not allowed to switch teams.

18. Each team, that does not show up, loses the match and his opponent wins 3 point and +4 goal difference.


The “Rector’s cup” 2017 football tournament group-stage draw

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Drawn by:
1. Калоян Иванов – tournament judge
2. Джулияна Колева –chess competition participant
3. Цветан Попов – backgammon competition participant
4. Иван Ангелов – tournament OC member

*Any questions about the tournament should be directed to Иван Ангелов.






1.„Dynamo Tresen”
2. “SC Doppelapfel”
3. “MU2”
4. “PSG (Varna)”


1.”Varna machans”
2. “VFL Epididymis”
3. “Four lions”
4. “MU1”


2. “Testicular Torsion”
3. “Pump F.C.”
4. “Cтажантите”


1.”Fractura aperta”
2. “Непреклонните”
3. „El Cartel de Medellín”
4. “Bearded”


16:00-16:35 „Dynamo Tresen” – “SC Doppelapfel” “Fractura aperta” – “Непреклонните”
16:40-17:15 “MU2” – “PSG (Varna)” „Rockets” – “Testicular Torsion”
17:20-17:55 “Varna machans” – “VFL Epididymis” “MU1” – “Four lions”


16:00-16:35 „Еl Cartel de Medellin” – “Bearded” “PUMP F. C.” – “Стажантите”
16:40-17:15 „PSG (Varna)” – “Dynamo Tresen”
17:20-17:55 “SC Doppelapfel” – “MU2”


16:00-16:35 „VFL Epididymis” – “Four lions” “Rocket” – “Стажантите”
16:40-17:15 “Непреклонните” – „ Bearded” „Pump F.C.” – “Testicular Torsion”
17:20-17:55 “El Cartel de Medellin” – “Fractura aperta” “MU1”- “Varna machans”


16:00-16:35 “Dynamo Tresen” – “MU2” “Four lions” – “Varna machans”
16:40-17:15 “PSG (Varna)” – “SC Doppelapfel” “Factura aperta” – “Bearded”
17:20-17:55 “MU1” – “VFL Epididymis” “El Cartel de Medellin” – “Непреклонните”


16:00-16:35 “Rockets” – “Pump F.C.” “Стажантите” – “Теsticular Torsion”
16:40-17:15 Група А (1) – Група Б (2)
17:20-17:55 Група А (2) – Група Б (2)

tournament rules

List of Students and Teams, Qualified to Participate in the Annual “Rector’s Cup” 2017 Sports Tournament

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Dear colleagues, the time has come for the beginning of the “Rector’s Cup” sports tournament! The students, who are qualified to participate, are the following:

1) „Fractura Aperta“;
2) „VFL Epididymis“;
3) „Dynamo Tresen“;
4) „El Cartel de Medellín“
5) „Непреклонните“
6) „Varna machans“
7) „Rockets“
8) „MU2“
9) „Testicular Torsion“
10) „SC Doppelapfel “
11) „Bearded“
12) „Pump F.C. “
13) „MU1“
14) „PSG ( Varna ) “
15) „Four Lions“
16) „Надеждите“


2)” Gun Squad”




1) Симеон Анатолиев Спасов

2) Георги Иванов Джарнавлиев
3) Jibriil Abdi
4) Александър Здравков Кирилов
5) Mohamed Sheryanna
6) Ангел Атанасов Ангелов
7) Златомир Бранимиров Демирев
8) Хрисимир Тодоров Тодоров
9) Кристиян Филипов Евгениев
10)Никола Петров Патриков


1) Patrizia Batkiewicz

2) Симеон Анатолиев Спасов
3) Георги Райков
4) Марсен Орхан Касабов
5)Стелиян Цонков Цонев
6) Мариус Росенов Добрев
7) Иван Иванов Стойчев
8) Frederic Yves Herbert Iwe


1) Мериян Рачева Радева
2) Деница Христова Христова
3) Marie Catherine Wetter
4) Ирена Стефанова Стоянова
5) Веселина Михайлова Добрева

6) Стелиян Цонков Цонев
7) Стилиян Мирославов Христов
8) Никола Петров Патриков
9) Ivo Dux


1)” The S’quad”
2) “Всеки е човек”
5)“ Направо ги убиваме“
6)” Black tails”
7)”Fnatic Killers”
9)”Бързи и яростни”
12)”Mитко е нашият лидер”


1) Джулиана Петрова Колева
2) Димитър Иванов Попов
3) Jörg rösler
4) Мариян Коцев Коцев
5) Аркадий Овчинников
6) Илия-Пресиян Ненков Георгиев
7) Бора Али Али
8) Romald Lazarus
9) Александър Димитров Трифонов
10) Халил Нихат Халил
11) A Hyun Park Course
12) Александър Галинов Василев
13) Никола Петров Патриков


1) Антония Радева Вълкова
2) Оганес Андраникович Варданян
3) Мериян Рачева Радева
4) Цветан Иванов Попов
5) Александра Любомирова Стефанова
6) Мирела Иванова Вълкова
7) Антония Георгиева Генова
8) Петър Петров Ибришимов
9) Виктория Веселинова Табакова
10) Теодора Димитрова Дрекова
11) Илия-Пресиян Ненков Георгиев
12) Петър Мартинов Драганов
13)Маргарита Николаева Михайлова
14) Иван Веселинов Василев
15) Paul Stollenwerk
16) Falk Bobak Schamlu


1) Кристиян Филипов Евгениев
2) Мариус Росенов Добрев
3) Бора Али Aли
4) Петър Мартинов Драганов
5)Момчил Константинов Ламбев
6)Пламен Стефков Бекяров


11. POOL:
1) Оганес Андраникович Варданян
2) Чавдар Юриев Караджов
3) Емилиян Емилиянов Евгениев
4) Михаил Веселинов Михайлов
5) Александър Димитров Трифонов
6)Falk Bobak Schamlu
7)Paul Stollenwerk
8)Jan-Marcus Haus
9)Vincent Rheinfurt
10)Jahad Nouri
11) Vincent Hoffmann
12) Florian Doldi
13) Димитър Венелинов Велев
14) Иван Иванов Стойчев
15) Аврам Емилов Чанков
16) Ахмед Хюсеин Мураф


1) Стефан Чавдаров Чавдаров
2) Александър Стоянов Минев
3) Деница Христова Христова
4) Кристиян Димитров Йорданов
5) Петър Евгениев Стойков
6) Alexandros Athanasiou
7) Александър Здравков Кирилов
8) Никола Петров Патриков
9) Илия-Пресиян Ненков Георгиев
10) Иван Деянов Ангелов


1) Стилиян Мирославов Христов
2) Румен Красимиров Сивков
3) Михаил Симеонов Симеонов
4) Тончо Митков Динев
5) Петър Петров Ибришимов
6) Яни Недков Чобанов
7) Кристиан Василев Костадинов
8) Ерик Недков Хаджиев
9) Никола Петров Патриков
10) Umar Suleman


*We urge each team or contender, who is qualified to participate in the tournament but is unable to come, to send an email to

**If you have any questions, you can ask the people, overseeing the certain event!

Sign up for the “Rector’s Cup” Sports Tournament

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Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the annual “RECTOR’S CUP” sports tournament. This year’s tournament will be held from the 19th until the 30th of October. 

A special edition of the event awaits us with even more exciting sports competitions and a lot of surprises!

Everyone, wishing to take part in one of the listed sports below, can do so by signing up before 23:59h on the 18th of October 2017.

In order to enlist, you ought to send an email to, which contains the sport you want to sign up for, your full name, course, specialty, faculty number and a telephone number. For the team sports you need to do this for every player in your team, choose a name for the team and send a telephone number of the captain.

*If you have any questions, you can send an email or contact the people, overseeing the certain sport you are interested in!

** This year you will have the opportunity to compete in three new sports!

*** The names of all approved players will be listed in the website after the deadline for signing up!



“Rector’s Cup” sports tournaments will be held in the following order:


Maximum number of teams – 16, every team consists of 5+1 players (a maximum of 3 reserves)

Location – the football pitches at the “Mladost” qtr.

Date and time – 23rd to 27th of October 2017, with the finals taking place on the 30th of October 16:00-18:00


Notes and rules:

Playing with cleats is prohibited;

Transferring players between teams and including players, who are not mentioned in the initially sent list, is prohibited;

Upon receiving a red card, the player misses the next match;

No offsides;

Touches are performed from the ground;

If the members of one of the team are not present 10 minutes before the start of the match, the team is disqualified;

Changes of main players can be made only with the listed reserves;

If a change is not possible, the game starts with a minimum number of 5 (4+1) players per team;

It is prohibited to play with dioptric glasses;

The competition is only for students of Medical University – Varna! Any team, containing a player not from the university, is disqualified!

*The scheme of the game will be published on the 20th of October 2017.

Overseeing the eventIvan Angelov





Location – Medical University – Varna

Date and time – 23rd of October  18:30h

Overseeing the eventMihail Bachvarov





Location – Medical University – Varna

Date and time – 24th of October 18:30h

Overseeing the eventVanesa Dodova




Table tennis

Location – Medical University – Varna

Date and time – 21st of October 16:00h

Overseeing the eventYasen Petrov


Notes and rules:

There will be separate tournaments for men and women;

The matches will be played in 3 games, 11 points each;

Enlisting is done in advance; the order, in which the matches will be held, is decided on the spot;





Location – Block 35 – “Academic” fitness

Date and time – 19th of October 18:00h

Overseeing the eventMarian Kotsev


Notes and rules:

The way it will be held – bench press (maximum number of repetitions with 60kg); wide grip pull ups;  as a total score it is considered the sum of the two separate scores;





Maximum number of contenders – 12

Location – Student’s Council office (room 213  in the Rectorate building)

Date and time – 21st of October 12:00h

Overseeing the eventAntoniya Guenova, Valeri Zmeev


Notes and rules:

The order, in which the matches will take place, is decided on the spot.





Maximum number of contenders – 12

Location – Student’s Council office (room 213  in the Rectorate building)

Date and time – 21st of October 15:00h

Overseeing the eventAntoniya Guenova, Valeri Zmeev



Notes and rules:

The order, in which the matches will take place, is decided on the spot.

The classic form of backgammon will be played.





Maximum number of contenders – 12

Location – Paintball “Vinitsa”

Date and time – 22nd of October 10:00h

Overseeing the eventOganes Vardanyan


Notes and rules:

The initial 6 matches are decided by lot. Every team plays one game with direct elimination.

The 6 winners draw a new lot, deciding the 3 semifinals.

The remaining 3 teams are pitted against each other, the team with the most wins is the victor. Upon equal wins the number of eliminations is considered. Upon a second draw, the remaining paintballs decide the victor.

Before every match there will be a safety drill.





Location – the Olympic alley in the Maritime garden

Date and time – 22nd of October 11:00h

Overseeing the eventNedelya Petkova, Veselina Dobreva


Notes and rules:

The length of the cross is 1km for women and 2km for men.

Meeting point – club “Horizont” 10:30





Location – Sports Hall at Medical University – Varna

Date and time – 21st of October 9:00h

Overseeing the eventIvan Angelov


Notes and rules:

Individually men;

Individually women;




Table football

Location – “Galaxy” club

Date and time – 19th of October 18:00h

Overseeing the eventYasen Petrov


Notes and rules:

It is played by couples.

Lots will be drawn on the spot.

The order, in which the matches will take place, is decided on the spot.





Location – “Galaxy” club

Date and time – 19th of October 18:00h

Overseeing the eventSvetoslav Stoyanov


Notes and rules:

Lots will be drawn on the spot.

The order, in which the matches will take place, is decided on the spot.





Location – “Galaxy” club

Date and time – 19th of October 18:00h

Overseeing the eventEmanuil Tenchev


Notes and rules:

Lots will be drawn on the spot.

The order, in which the matches will take place, is decided on the spot.

A Student from MU-Varna Scored a Record Number of Points in the National Amateur Basketball League

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The basketball team of MU-Varna has won fifth victory in a row this year at the National Amateur Basketball League Tournament.

The student at Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”- Varna Ognyan Slavov set a tournament record with 31 points.

Ognyan is a 4th-year medical student, actively practising basketball. During the last match of the University team he did a marvellous job and deserved the victory over the team of “Dobrich 2015”.

The tournament was launched at the end of October 2016. At present the team of MU-Varna leads convincingly in the competition with the other 8 teams.


A Student from MU-Varna with an Invitation to Take Part in the Men’s National Boxing Team

December 21, 2016By Antonia GenovaSports, Student activities No Comments

A student from MU-Varna is in the top 3 at the Men’s National Boxing Championship.

The Championship was held between 30.11.2016 – 03.12.2016 in Sliven, and all national competitors took part in it.

The 3rd year dental student Tobias Eilits successfully combines studying and sports. The German student has been studying in the English Language Training Programme, and despite his young age, he has already won numerous boxing matches.

Tobias took part in two very strong matches and won over Nikolay Ivanov from “Slavia” – Sofia and the national boxer Vladimir Georgiev, who is also a part of the team of Cherno More – Burgas.

At the semi-final Tobias lost from the “first boxing glove” of the national team Arman Hakubyan and was ranked third in 75 kg category at the Championship.

The good news about our sportsman does not stop here. He made a strong impression on the coach of the Bulgarian national team Mr. Palmi Ranchev, who personally invited him to join our national boxers.

Tobias’ coach Georgi Vladimirov said he was very proud of his sportsman’s achievements and would gladly support him along the path of his further professional development.​​