MU-Varna Participated in the World Congress of Digestive Disease in Japan

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At the invitation of the Organizing Committee, Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev – head of the Department of General and Operative Surgery and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Tomov presented the scientific and practical potential of the scientists and doctors at MU – Varna and University Hospital “St. Marina” at the 2nd Annual World Congress of Digestive Disease (WCDD), which took place on 4-7 December 2017 in Fukuoka, a city with more than one million citizens in Japan.


Assoc. Prof. Tomov made an original presentation on ” Dynamic Institutionalization of Research in the Field of Colorectal Tumour Markers”, prepared by a team, including Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Tomov and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Donev. Within the forum Prof. Kolev and Assoc. Prof. Tomov had meetings with leading experts from Europe, the USA and Asia, who expressed their willingness to cooperate and participate in scientific forums, organized by Medical University – Varna.

Velina Markovska

Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova Has Been Appointed as Representative of Bulgaria in a Project of European Stroke Organisation – ESO EAST

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Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova, Ph.D. – head of Second Clinic of Nervous Diseases at University Hospital “St. Marina” Varna, a lecturer at the Department of Neurology and Neuroscience at MU Varna and a national consultant on Nervous Diseases, was appointed as the National Representative of Bulgaria in a project of the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) – ESO EAST for 2018 and 2019. The appointment of Prof. Andonova is a high evaluation of her professional skills as a leader, who has the entire capacity to improve the care for people suffering from stroke in Bulgaria.

The enhanced and accelerated treatment of stroke through ESO (ESO-EAST) is aimed at improving the care for people with stroke in the participating countries through various tools, particularly through joint training and quality improvement programmes, targeted at optimizing and implementing the best practices in taking care of people with stroke in these countries, as well as launching a beneficial collaboration.

Within ESO-EAST project, currently RES-Q – REgistry of Stroke Care Quality evaluates the availability of care for people with stroke in order to define the strategies and tools, which will result in improving the care for stroke patients. The Register is free for use by all participants.

The main focus of the work of the organization is the development of activities and tools targeted at improving the care for people with stroke, and maximizing the coordination of the efforts in stroke treatment.

In her capacity as a representative of Bulgaria for ESO-EAST, Prof. Andonova is going to coordinate the activities of ESO-EAST in Bulgaria for achieving the goal of improving the quality of care for patients with stroke.

Gifts from German children to Patients at the Children’s Psychiatric Clinic at University Hospital “St. Marina”

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On 7thDecember 2017 the patients from the Children’s Psychiatric Clinic at University Hospital “St. Marina” received Christmas gifts, which were collected by children from Germany and provided thanks to the international organization Round Table. For the third consecutive year the international organization has filled with joy the kids, who are being treated at the largest hospital in eastern Bulgaria.

The Round Table organization was established in 1927, and its main purpose is to gather together young professionals who join their efforts for socially useful causes and initiatives. It has followers in more than 65 countries all over the world, and the visit of the German delegation is organized by representatives of the Varna organization.

Medical Students Presented MU-Varna at the European Congress on Neurosurgery

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The third-year medical students from the English language programme at MU – Varna Zarina Brady and Shahsvar Arif participated at the European Congress on Neurosurgery in Venice, Italy.

The students presented a case on “Treatment of Penetrating Head Trauma in Children”. The presentation was a cooperative work with Prof. Dr. Yavor Enchev, Dr. Toni Kondev and Dr. Bogomil Iliev from the Department of Neurosurgery. The students thanked their lecturers for their help and support.

Apply for Erasmus mobility till December 20th

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December 20th is the deadline for submitting the application documents for Erasmus+ mobility 2018/2019.

The students apply for mobility planned to be carried out during the next academic year.

The medical students from MU-Varna have the following possibilities to carry out practical training abroad:



  • Summer internship after the 3rd or/and 4th year of academic studies (2 months)
  • Pre-graduate state internship during the 6th year of academic studies (2 to 9 months – one or more state internships)

Medical University – Varna offers the following available places for Erasmus+ internships during 2018/2019 academic year.

The applicants should have an average grade (GPA) as of the time of application minimum 4.50.

The applicants must have taken all their exams till the time of application.

Application documents:

  1. Application form (click here)
  2. Declaration form concerning personal data protection (click here)
  3. Certificate for average grade (GPA) as of the time of application minimum 4.50 (issued by the students’ office)
  4. Letter of recommendation signed by a professor in MU-Varna
  5. Certificate for language proficiency (for mobility language other than English)

Application documents have to be submitted in the International Relations Department (room 209) from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. – Mrs. Svetlana Panayotova.

Application deadline – 20.12.2017

Culinary Masterpieces from 10 Nationalities Were Presented at the International Culinary Evening “A Healthy Food for a Wealthy Mood”

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Rappongi Restaurant hosted the fourth consecutive International Culinary Evening on 1st December, which this year was entitled “A healthy food for a wealthy mood”. More than 300 students had the opportunity to taste the tempting suggestions presented by 11 teams.

The culinary fiesta gathered nearly 60 students – chefs from the Bulgarian and English language training programmes. At the beginning of the “delicious” evening the captains of the teams presented the traditional dishes from their national cuisine, which were selected for the competition.

Tavche-gravche (a dish, prepared with baked beans), saffron rice, cabbils, hummus, gobi manchurian, tortilla, vareniki (dumplings)with sour cherries, dzadziki (cacık) , Rhodopean patatnik (traditional Bulgarian potato-based dish, characteristic of the Rhodope Mountains) and hare hunter style were just a few of the intriguing proposals of the teams from Cyprus, Germany, Ukraine, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iran and the two Bulgarian teams “Cherry” and “Soup-A-star”.

Besides the students who demonstrated their culinary skills, the organizers managed to involve the whole audience in a variety of games with special prizes. Tasting food and beverages with folded eyes, pealing eggs with two left hands, culinary quiz and games boosted the mood of the participants and brought terrific prizes and enthralling positive emotions to them.

As a compliment from the management of MU-Varna, the team of the student canteen “Quantum Satis” had prepared for all guests traditional Bulgarian dishes, which really fascinated the foreign students.

The jury, including Chef Emil Vidov from Rappongi Restaurant, Chef Vladimir Stamov from By the Sea Restaurant and Chef Philip Spasov from Bistro Europe, evaluated the dishes according to a special assessment system, and after a consultation they ranked the participants from the teams of India, Iran and Spain in the first three places. The winners received brunch and dinner vouchers at Bistro Europe, By the Sea and Rappongi Restaurants. The organizers of the event at MU-Varna decided to award a special prize to the Macedonian team. All participants received traditional Bulgarian guveche (a small clay pot) as well as many other gifts.

International Food Festival

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Dear colleagues,

Medical University – Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” and its Student Council have a longstanding tradition of organizing events with the intention of bringing together students of different national backgrounds. The most notable of which is the “International Food Festival”.

An evening like this is held annually and it attracts a lot of interest from our fellow medics in training, and this year’s event is no different – being so significant, that even a change of venue was in order. It is going to take place at Rappongi Beach Restaurant on the 1st of December 2017 at 6:00 pm.

Like always, our colleagues with culinary inclinations will be expected to do their very best and provide us with an abundant and savory collection of dishes from the national cuisine that they are representing. Their efforts will be rated by our jury (the identities of which will be disclosed later), and after the verdict has been given, we will get to enjoy the results of the contestants’ labor. The programme of the festival will also include games and surprises for the guests.

We urge you to respect the work of our colleagues and avoid bringing any food or beverages in the venue. Rappongi Beach Restaurant has a limited capacity for visitors, so attending at an earlier hour is advisable.

The event is only for students and members of the academic staff of Medical University-Varna! As always, entry is permitted after showing a library or student’s card.

Consider yourselves cordially invited to partake in this exquisitely delicious festival!



Intoxicated people and those, who have indecent or dirty clothes, will not be allowed at the festival. Bringing firearms, gas pistols or cold steel in the venue is forbidden. It is also prohibited to bring in objects, which can be used as weapons such as knuckles, bats, protective spray devices, coloring or corrosive substances, pyrotechnic items. The venue will be strictly monitored for drugs and for smoking in the halls, as well. Due to those facts, all guests will be inspected on entry. In order to follow fire safety regulations, if the number of people reaches 300, no more guests will be allowed at the festival.

The First Russian Doctors of Ophthalmology Graduated from Masterclass Optometry 2017

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The first Doctors of Ophthalmology from the Russian Federation, graduates of Masterclass Optometry, organized by MU – Varna, received their diplomas at an official ceremony at the Conference Hall of MU – Varna on 13th November. The course leader Prof. Dr. Hristina Group congratulated the students and emphasized that their knowledge would have a much higher value if handed over to their colleagues in Russia.

The Rector Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov awarded the diplomas to Sergei Selin, Zoya Vaganova, Victoria Prediger and Maria Narbut, wishing them future success, and Prof. Albena Kerekovska congratulated them on their efforts and diligence. All course participants graduated with honours.

Educational Programme Masterclass Optometry was designed to develop knowledge on fundamental visual optics and clinical refraction, use of contact lenses, eye care and last but not least, ophthalmic health.

The practical aim of the course was to develop skills in clinical optometry, contact lens fitting, their proper selection and management, as well as the development of communication skills with patients. The training of the Russian ophthalmologists continued for two semesters. The information from the theoretical part was delivered via interactive web modular training through the Blackboard system, and the facilities and academic potential of Medical University – Varna were utilized for the 100 hours of practical training.

New Opportunities for Cooperation between Bulgaria and France in the Field of Education and Healthcare

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A formal meeting with representatives of the French Institute in Bulgaria was held at MU – Varna today, 31st October, where the opportunities for development and deepening of the University relations with partner institutions from France were discussed.

The new management of the Institute was presented by Mr. Fabien Flori – Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Activities at the Embassy of the Republic of France and Director of the French Institute in Bulgaria and Mr. Olivier Kasler – Attaché for University and Scientific Cooperation. Eric Perrotel – Cooperation Attaché for French Language at the representation of the French Institute in Varna and Mrs. Milena Angelova – Director of Alliance Française in Varna were also a part of the French delegation.

The aim of the visit was to acquaint the guests with the structure of MU – Varna and to discuss the opportunities for deepening the Bulgarian-French cooperation in the field of higher education, research and international activities. The history of the Francophone idea at MU – Varna, the relations established with the universities of Nantes, Rennes, Angée and the hospital group in Maletroa, as well as the student mobility under Erasmus+ Programme with the universities of Bordeaux and Strasbourg over the recent yearswere presented.

The meeting outlined the areas for scientific cooperation of mutual interest such as public healthcare, health management, nutrition and dietetics, genetics and others. Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that in the future sending leading guest lectures from France, the exchange of researchers and the development of doctoral dissertations under joint Bulgarian-French supervision would be a priority. The guests offered a meeting with a prominent professor of Microbiology, Epidemiology and Virology, a winner of the highest Award for Excellence – a gold medal of the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research. They took the initiative to promote the establishment of active partnership between MU – Varna and the University of Rennes.

The International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery Awarded a Scholarship to a Young Doctor from University Hospital “St. Marina” and MU-Varna

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The young Bulgarian doctor Toni Kondov, an intern at the Clinic of Neurosurgery at University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna and an Assistant Professor at the Medical University won a scholarship at the 45th Congress of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN), held from 8-12 October in Denver, Colorado, USA.

During the scientific congress Dr. Kondev presented two topics, including the award winning one “Intraoperative ultrasound imaging through the anterior fontanel for real-time guided insertion of the proximal catheter of ventriculoperitoneal shunts into the lateral ventricle of infants”. The presentations were collaborative developments of an authors’ team, consisting of: Prof. Dr. Y. Enchev, Dr. B. Iliev, Dr. T. Kondev, Assoc. Prof. Dr. T. Avramov, Dr. Pl. Trendafilov, Dr. E. Zaharieva, Dr. M. Moynov and Dr. St. Todorova. The award is an international recognition of MU – Varna and the Clinic of Neurosurgery at University Hospital “St. Marina”, which is one of the leading treatment clinics in Bulgaria.

The International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN) was established in 1972, and it is aimed at promoting the exchange of scientific information and techniques related to children’s health around the world. The Society also supports the educational activities of young doctors who take care of the neurosurgical health of children.