Students from 9 Countries Will Present Their Traditional Cuisine and Culture at MU-Varna

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For the fourth year in a row, students and lecturers from MU-Varna will have the opportunity to try interesting dishes and to get a grasp of the culture of 9 different countries – Armenia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, Finland and Bulgaria. This happens annually at the traditional International Pulse Party – an event, during which students from different nationalities present their own traditional cuisine. The event will take place on the 1st of May 2017 at 21:00 o’clock in ‘Black Sheep Games’ (‘Tsar Simeon I’ 27 Street).  Each student from MU-Varna will be able to compete in games, including darts, pool, PinBall or table football, which will be free from 21:00 to 23:00 o’clock. 

During the party every student will receive a special passport on entrance. The passport will be filled when visiting the culinary tables of separate countries. Behind the deck will be the well-known DJ Happy, who will complete the atmosphere with popular hits from all over the world!

Organisator of this annual event is the Student’s Council of Medical University-Varna and this year, the event is held in support of Varna European Youth Capital 2017.

Welcome and let’s all experience an international atmosphere, combining delicious cuisine, games and great fun!

Top Specialists from Europe Are Going to Discuss Issues of Child Diabetes in Varna

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The fourth postgraduate course of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) – Changing Diabetes will be held at Golden Sands Resort, near Varna, in the period 20-22 April 2017. The International Conference, with the participation of eminent specialists from Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria, is targeted at diabetologists and endocrinologists, pediatricians, medical students and endocrine nurses across the country.

“The topics in the fourth edition are focused on aspects of the current achievements and expectations in the field of daily management of diabetes and rare endocrine disorders in children and adolescents. Special emphasis will be placed on the new technologies that can be beneficial in social challenges in health care”, said Prof. Dr. Violeta Yotova, Director of the course on behalf of VAPED (Varna Association of Pediatric Endocrinology) and organizer of the international scientific event.

More details are available at

Prof. Dr. Violeta Yotova is a prominent specialist in pediatric endocrinology and metabolic diseases, a professor at the Department of Pediatrics at MU-Varna and head of Pediatrics at “St. Marina” – Varna.

The World Organization for Spinе Surgery Conducted a Practical Training in Varna

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A practical course on “Basic Principles of AOSpine – Tumors and Degenerative Spine Diseases” of the world largest organization for Spine Surgery AOSpine was held on 23 and 24 March 2017, in Varna. AOSpine is an international organisation, based in Switzerland, which unites over 10 000 neurosurgeons and orthopedists from around the world, with established national and local communities. The training was organized by Prof. Dr. Yavor Enchev from the Department of Neurosurgery at Medical University-Varna and head of the Department of Neurosurgery at University Hospital “St. Marina”. Among the course lecturers were prominent names from Switzerland, Slovenia, Turkey and Croatia, with the participation of specialists from Bulgaria, Armenia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Macedonia, Israel and Iran.

The aim of the training was to help young doctors with special interests in the field of Spine Neurosurgery to acquire basic knowledge and skills. The course provided an extensive theoretical and practical part, in which the participants had the opportunity to work with different instruments on artificial human bones, under the guidance of renowned experts in the field.

“Our goal is to create a section of that organization in Bulgaria. The first steps have been made, and it is a matter of time to congratulate ourselves on the creation of such an organization in our country. Its aim is to improve the quality of education and medical services for patients, who need Spine Neurosurgery, and to create social contacts and methods for improvement within the community itself”, said Prof. Dr. Yavor Enchev.

The new trends in Spine Surgery are striving to achieve the desired effect through minimally invasive methods, with a small skin incision and less blood loss. These technologies facilitate the treatment of conditions that have not been handled so far. In recent decades we have witnessed steady progress in medicine, related to technologies allowing the treatment of diseases, which could not be dealt with in the 70s and 80s of the last century. For example, such a disease is scoliosis, where the results were rather disappointing, using the methods of treatment at that time. At present there is significant progress in this direction.

“A great part of the diseases may be due to genetic inheritance or predisposition. The risk factors are the two extremes, which are not at all beneficial – from super-healthy to sedentary lifestyle”, warned Prof. Enchev.

MU-Varna Is Expanding Its International Cooperation

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Representatives of the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkov, Ukraine, visited Medical University – Varna between 27.02 – 03.03.2017.

The Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs at the Ukrainian University – Assoc. Prof. Larisa Lenchik from the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds and Assoc. Prof. Victoria Propisnova from the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy met representatives of the International Cooperation Department and discussed the expansion and strengthening of the partnership between the two universities. Besides the guest lecturers’ visits, the future cooperation involves exchange of teaching and non-teaching staff and PhD students for training purposes between Varna and Kharkov universities. 

The guests delivered lectures at the Faculty of Pharmacy at MU-Varna within the bilateral exchange agreement under Erasmus+ Programme. This is Assoc. Prof. Lenchik’s second visit to MU-Varna. She delivered lectures on Pharmacognosy for our students in April 2015.

The partnership between Medical University – Varna and the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkov has been developing successfully for several years now. An academic cooperation agreement was signed between the two universities in June 2013, and in March 2015 the universities agreed on exchange of lecturers under Erasmus+ European Programme.

Тhe Director of Affiliate-Shumen at MU–Varna Was Awarded with Honorary Diploma “Noble Heart”

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The International Rare Disease Day was celebrated on 28.02.2017 for the first time in Shumen, with the active participation of students and lecturers from Affiliate-Shumen at MU-Varna.

First-year students, majoring in Nursing at Affiliate-Shumen and their lecturers, together with the National Alliance of People with Rare Diseases, organized a campaign among the citizens of Shumen, which involved distribution of information materials. As a token of solidarity the participants raised and joined their hands at 1:00 p.m. sharp, which is done at the same time everywhere in Europe. They also released multicolored balloons, symbolizing the thousands of types of rare diseases.

The Director of the Affiliate Prof. Sonya Toncheva was awarded with an Honorary Diploma “Noble Heart” for her support and cooperation in organizing and conducting the Seminar on Rare Diseases “To Add Life”. The award was presented by the Chairperson of the National Alliance of People with Rare Diseases Mr. Vladimir Tomov.

The initiative, organized by the European Patient Platform EURORDIS, was held for the first time in 2008, aimed at raising public awareness for the issues related to rare diseases in the European Union.

Once again this year the day was celebrated in more than 100 countries (EU, the USA, China, Japan, Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc.) in order to give voice to the pressing issues. The main task of the National Alliance of People with Rare Diseases is to promote and introduce the generally accepted European values in Bulgaria – universality, access to good quality care, equity and solidarity.

The Submission of Documents for the Summer Practices in Russia Has Began

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Аpplication documents for the traditional summer practices in the training and clinical facilities of the First Moscow State Medical University “I. M. Sechenov” and North Western State Medical University “I. I. Mechnikov” in Saint Petersburg (Russia) can be submitted from February 27th to March 15th 2017.

The candidates are required to have a minimum average grade from their studies Very Good 4.50 (including the winter semester of the academic year 2016/2017) and to have successfully passed all examinations (including the winter semester of the academic year 2016/2017). Residents and PhD students are required to have a minimum average grade from their Higher education diploma Very Good 4.50. Good command of English language is obligatory and command of Russian language is an advantage.

The summer practice in the First Moscow State Medical University “I. M. Sechenov” will be carried out for a seventh consecutive year in the framework of an agreement for bilateral academic collaboration. It will be held in the period 17th – 30th July 2017. The following students can apply:

  • 2nd  and 3rd -year students of nursing and midwifery
  • 3rd , 4th  and 5th -year students of medicine, dental medicine and pharmacy
  • residents and PhD students.

More information about the summer practice can be found Here.

For the summer practice in the North Western State Medical University “I. I. Mechnikov”, St. Petersburg which will be carried out from 24th July to 4th of August 2017 can apply:

  • 3rd, 4th and 5th-students of medicine and dental medicine;
  • students or trained in the master programs of the Faculty of Public Health;
  • residents and PhD students in one of the following directions: surgery, cardiology, microbiology, anesthesiology, intensive care, dental medicine, hygiene, epidemiology.

More information about the summer practice can be found Here.

The Application form can be found on the website of Medical University – Varna, section International Cooperation. 

According to the approved Selection procedure for the selection of participants in summer practices in First Moscow State Medical University “I. M. Sechenov” and North-western State Medical University “I. I. Mechnikov”, the short-listed candidates will be interviewed.

Guest lecturers from Ukraine will deliver lectures on pharmacognosy and clinical pharmacology

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In the period 27.02.2017 – 03.03.2017 our university will host the visit of two guest lecturers from the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv (Ukraine).

Assoc. Prof. Larisa Lenchyk, PhD from the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs and Assoc. Prof. Viktoriia Propisnova, PhD from the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy will deliver lectures in our university within the Erasmus+ project for academic cooperation between MU-Varna at the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv.

Assoc. Prof. Larisa Lenchyk will deliver lectures on pharmacognosy as follows:
27 February (Thursday), 16:30, hall 816 of the Faculty of pharmacy 
Contemporary requirements on quality, safety and effectiveness of phytoproducts 
Composition of phytoproducts and their standardization
1 March (Thursday), 16:30, hall 816 of the Faculty of pharmacy 
Requirements of European Pharmacopoeia and Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine for phytoproducts
Methods for analysis of biologically active compounds in plants

Assoc. Prof. Viktoriia Propisnova will deliver lectures on clinical pharmacology as follows:
28 February (Thursday), 16:30, hall 816 of the Faculty of pharmacy 
The place and significance of Clinical Pharmacy in the modern health care system
Innovative or generic drugs: advantage and disadvantage 
2 March (Thursday), 16:30, hall 816 of the Faculty of pharmacy

Clinical pharmacology and pharmaceutical care of NSAIDS: what’s new? 
Herbal drugs and modern medicine

All students, PhD students, members of the academic community, Masters of Pharmacy and everyone interested in the topics are invited to the lectures. There will be a translation in Bulgarian.

MU – Varna Joins Actively the Initiatives Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of ERASMUS+

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2017 is the year of ERASMUS – or EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. The thirtieth anniversary of the most famous European educational exchange programme will be celebrated throughout the European Union.​

The campaign dedicated to the anniversary celebration
in Bulgaria was officially launched on 21.02.2017, at the Aula of Sofia University “St. Kliment​ Ohridski”. Formal greetings were delivered by Prof. Dr. Ognyan Gerdzhikov – Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Prof. Nikolai Denkov, DSc – Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Anastas Gerdzhikov, DSc – Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Prof. Lyuben Totev, PhD – Chairman of the Council of Rectors in Bulgaria and Rector of the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” and Ms. Tatyana Kalkanova – Executive Director of the Human Resources Development Centre.

Medical University – Varna was presented by Prof. Todorka Kostadinova – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Accreditation and Quality, and institutional coordinator of ERASMUS+ Programme.

ERASMUS+ was adopted by the Council of Ministers of Education and launched in 1987 in 11 countries. Over time, its scope has expanded to 33 participating countries and 169 partner countries such as Switzerland and Turkey. The Programme has a budget of over € 16 billion for 2014-2020.

The European Union student exchange programme has already enabled more than 5 million young people to study abroad.

Since 2000 Medical University – Varna has carried out exchange of students and lecturers under Socrates-Erasmus Programme. In 2007 the educational institution obtained an Extended Erasmus+ University Charter, and in December 2013 – a University Charter to work under the new ERASMUS+ Programme during the programming period of 2014-2020.

MU-Varna has concluded bilateral exchange agreements with 36 universities from 15 European countries under the programme.

St. Marina University Hospital Will Join a European Programme for Treatment of Children with Hodgkin’s Disease

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In 2017 the Clinic of Pediatric Onco-Hematology at St. Marina University Hospital – Varna, headed by Assoc. Prof. Valeria Kaleva, will join a European programme EuroNet-Paediatric Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (EuroNetPHL) for treatment of children with Hodgkin’s disease. It transpired after last week’s visit to the hospital of leading European experts in the field of Pediatric Onco-Hematology from Germany, who performed an expert assessment of the working conditions at the Clinics of Pediatric Onco-Hematology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Pathoanatomy. The joining to the programme will contribute to the establishment of permanent professional collaboration between the Clinic of Pediatric Onco-Hematology at St. Marina University Hospital and the European Childhood Lymphoma Pathology Reference Centre in Giessen, Germany.

The programme EuroNetPHL has been operating since 2007 in Europe and includes pediatric centres for treating children with Hodgkin’s disease, which meet s number of specific criteria. The interdisciplinary team of German experts, who visited Varna hospital, is the initiator of the project and its purpose is the modernization and standardization of diagnostic criteria and therapeutic practices in children with Hodgkin’s disease.

“It is important to have unified standards of treatment among most of the European countries and to increase the survival rate,” said the project leader Prof. Dieter Korholds.

The assessment of the European experts for the Clinic of Pediatric Onco-Hematology, as well as the diagnostic departments at St. Marina University Hospital – Varna confirms that they meet all requirements needed for joining Bulgaria to the project EuroNetPHL.​

Apply for Erasmus mobility till December 21st

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eu-flag-erasmusDecember 21st is the deadline for submitting the application documents for Erasmus+ mobility 2017/2018. 

The students apply for mobility planned to be carried out during the next academic year.

The medical students from MU-Varna have the following possibilities to carry out practical training abroad:
  •     Summer internship after the 3rd or/and 4th year of academic studies (2 months)
  •     Pre-graduate state internship during the 6th year of academic studies (2 – 9 months, one or more state internships)

Medical University – Varna offers the following available places for Erasmus+ internships during 2017/2018 academic year.

The applicants should have an average grade (GPA) as of the time of application minimum 4.50.

The applicants must have taken all their exams till the time of application.

Application documents:
  1. Application form (click here)
  2. Declaration form concerning personal data protection (click here)
  3. Certificate for average grade (GPA) as of the time of application minimum 4.50 (issued by the students’ office)
  4. Letter of recommendation signed by a professor in MU-Varna

Application documents have to be submitted in the International Relations Department (room 209) from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. – Mrs. Svetlana Panayotova or scanned by е-mail to

Application deadline – 21.12.2016