Freshman Party 2017

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The last hot days for the year will be over soon and this can mean only one thing – the academic days start once again…

with the slight difference that our books already weigh tons, some people have patients and even men shed a few tears during exams.

For all freshmen, who have not yet felt the student’s life to its fullest (experienced students are also invited), we have prepared a small surprise – the annual FRESHMAN PARTY.

For the third year in a row, our guest will be the well-known and loved Bulgarian singer – KRISKO. His partner will be the hip-hop diva TITA and together they will turn this party into the fanciest event of 2017 (if not in town, at least in the university).

Our host this year will be X Disco Club (check location) on the beach alley, one of the most popular places in Varna, where we can breathe in fresh sea air for the last time. They have prepared preferential prices of some drinks, especially for us.

We are waiting for you on 20.09 (Wednesday) at 23:00 o’clock. Bring with you great mood and endless energy to keep you dancing till the morning!

The party is private – only for students of the Medical University of Varna after showing a student’s ID card.

Students from 9 Countries Will Present Their Traditional Cuisine and Culture at MU-Varna

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For the fourth year in a row, students and lecturers from MU-Varna will have the opportunity to try interesting dishes and to get a grasp of the culture of 9 different countries – Armenia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, Finland and Bulgaria. This happens annually at the traditional International Pulse Party – an event, during which students from different nationalities present their own traditional cuisine. The event will take place on the 1st of May 2017 at 21:00 o’clock in ‘Black Sheep Games’ (‘Tsar Simeon I’ 27 Street).  Each student from MU-Varna will be able to compete in games, including darts, pool, PinBall or table football, which will be free from 21:00 to 23:00 o’clock. 

During the party every student will receive a special passport on entrance. The passport will be filled when visiting the culinary tables of separate countries. Behind the deck will be the well-known DJ Happy, who will complete the atmosphere with popular hits from all over the world!

Organisator of this annual event is the Student’s Council of Medical University-Varna and this year, the event is held in support of Varna European Youth Capital 2017.

Welcome and let’s all experience an international atmosphere, combining delicious cuisine, games and great fun!

The Vice President Iliana Yotova Had a Meeting with Students and Lecturers at Shumen Affiliate

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The Vice President Iliana Yotova paid an official visit to the Affiliate of Medical University – Varna in Shumen. She met lecturers and students and shared her impressions in front of the University TV. “Very few higher education institutions can boast of such facilities in the country, of such an ambitious team of lecturers and University management, of such curious and intelligent young people, who I hope will stay and work in Bulgaria, and I personally will do everything possible so that here they can make their dreams come true.”

At the meeting, students and lecturers discussed the reduction of the government subsidy for medical students. The Vice President said that the removal of medical specialties from the list of priorities for the country was inadmissible and promised her support for repealing the new rules.

“Our University has been developing at a very fast pace. It is innovative, high-tech, with ambitions of being a leader in education. At Affiliate Shumen we are training nurses and midwives – these are professions in very high demand, especially over the recent years. At the same time the staff shortage is increasing, the crisis is deepening, and if in the best European practices the doctor-nurse ratio is 1:2 or 1:3, in Bulgaria it is at the critical minimum level”, said the Director of the Affiliate Prof. Sonya Toncheva.

Iliana Yotova got acquainted with the training facilities at the Shumen Affiliate of MU-Varna, which has been training future midwives and nurses across the country for the second year.

Finally, she urged the students, “Make a gift to your country through choosing to stay and work here!”

A Student at MU-Varna Was Distinguished with the Award “Dignified Bulgarian 2017”

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The student at Medical University – Varna Nikolay Tsolov was distinguished with the award “Dignified Bulgarian 2017” at a ceremony, held at Marinela Hotel – Sofia, on 6.03.2017.

Nikolay is a 3rd-year student in Dental Medicine at MU-Varna. On 22nd March 2016 he saw a worried woman and stopped his car beside her. He found out that she was Marinka Bolton, who was waiting for the Emergency team to come for her husband, who had a heart attack. Nikolay took Michael Bolton to the hospital, where the sick man was hospitalized, and fortunately his life was saved.

The award was given to Nikolay by the TV producer Magardich Halvadzhiyan, who turned to the audience with the words, “I’d like to thank all Bulgarians for the fact that such dignified, good people live among us, who are ready to lend a helping hand, to do their best in order to make our life better, and not because someone requires them to do it, but simply because they are good people. This example should be given every single day by every one of us if we wish to see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

The event organizers had prepared a diploma and a medal for Nikolay Tsolov with the message “We take pride in the fact that you are a dignified Bulgarian”.

He said he was extremely happy to receive this award and promised to go on helping people in trouble.

The Students from the ‘Club of the Bright Talents’ Invite You to a Spring Concert

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Plenty of music and spring spirit will await for you once again at the Spring concert, which will take place in the Medical University of Varna, on the 14th of March (Tuesday) with the support of the Academic leadership of the University and with the cooperation of the Students’ Council. 

The talanted Bulgarian and foreign students of the MU-Varna from the ‘Club of the Bright Talents – Dr. R. Zl. Radev and Friends’ will surprise you, charm you and make you laugh… Share the joy of the upcoming spring with us and have fun with our special programme, which was prepared for you!

Time: 19:30
Place: Auditorium 1, MU-Varna

We are expecting you!


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Dear colleagues and participants,

The Organizing Committee of BSYSB is proud to announce the first „Medicine through my eyes“ art exhibit, which will be held during the symposium in April 2017.

To take part you must be a registered participant and submit an original artwork, set to the following standards:

  • Biomedical thematic
  • White drawing place 40/40cm in size
  • Use only the colors black and blue

Express yourself through your art and show to the other participants what medicine is to you, how it makes you feel and how it has changed your life!

Artworks are to be submitted in the Students Council office one day before the exhibit.

(the exact date will be announced, once the program for the symposium is announced)

The Medics from St. Marina University Hospital Honoured for Their Professionalism with the Honorary Sign “Golden Star” of the Bulgarian Medical Association

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The Bulgarian Medical Association awarded with the Honorary Sign “Golden Star” and an Honorary Diploma the doctors from St. Marina University Hospital-Varna for their high professionalism and dedication in rescuing the victims in Hitrino.

“There is a ray of light shining brightly in the terrible tragedy that happened – that is the benefit done by the medics who were the first to help. They did not care that it was Saturday, that their working time was over a long time ago, that they were not on duty at that very moment. The only thing that led them was their professional and human duty. Some of the most severely injured victims were transported and treated at St. Marina University Hospital. All doctors, health care professionals, employees worked selflessly and incessantly. What the medics did is an eloquent proof that we are able to show solidarity and understanding in the pain, to help each in trouble, and be together. Dedicated work, experience, open eyes to innovations and high morale – that is what our society requires form us, doctors. The catastrophe in Hitrino has proved that these qualities are not missing in our guild. Today, the Bulgarian Medical Association honours with plaquette “Golden Star” you – the medics, the teams which have fulfilled their duty wholeheartedly.” With these words, the Deputy Chairperson of BMA Dr. Galinka Pavlova addressed the medics at St. Marina University Hospital and gave the highest honour to the Executive Director of the hospital Prof. Dr. Valentin Ignatov.

Prof. Ignatov thanked for the honour and turned to the medics, “Dear colleagues, on behalf of the management and personally on my behalf I wish to thank all teams who were at work and those who were called for from their homes. You all coped with the situation perfectly, brilliantly, you showed high professionalism, which once again strengthened the image of “St. Marina” as a high-tech, modern hospital, ready to deal with any situation.”

The Students from the ‘Club of the Bright Talents’ invite you to a Christmas concert

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December is coziness. Orange peels. Crackling wood. Lit candles. Red wine. Silent piano. Woolen scarf and thick socks. First snow. December is care. Attention and thought towards your closest people. Presents. Surprises. Gathering. Warm milk with cinnamon. Letters and cards. Awaiting. December is sparks and fireworks. Glitter on the streets, in the eyes. Lights… December is promises. Equally old and new ones. To be better. More generous. More thankful. To dream more…

Plenty of music and Christmas spirit will await for you once again on the Christmas&New Year’s concert, which will take place in the Medical University of Varna, on the 15th of December (Thursday) with the support of the Academic leadership of the University and with the cooperation of the Students’ Council. 

The talanted Bulgarian and foreign students of the MU-Varna from the ‘Club of the Bright Talents – Dr. R. Zl. Radev and Friends’ will surprise you, charm you and make you laugh… We will sing and laugh from our hearts the way we have always done it. And as it is more fun and amazing when we are together, especially on holidays, we expect you to join us…

Time: 19:30
Place: Dance Hall of the Sports Complex, MU-Varna

We are expecting you!

Official MU-Varna Rock band auditions

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rockYou like rock music? You play the guitar or you tap on the table rhythmically? You fill your free time with the piano? You sing along beautifully to the last hit? If you are among these people, come and show what you can do!

In terms of the creation of a rock band of MU-Varna – there will be an audition for the musicians on the 1st and 2nd of December from 16:00 to 19:00 in the recording studio in MU-Varna. Requirements: students from all specialties and years, Bulgarian or English programme. Performance: two rock pieces within 5-10min (instrumental, combined or a cappella music). Playing an instrument and singing simultaneously would be considered an advantage.

The judges of the audition will be Prof. Viliyan Platikanov, MD, PhD (Head of the Department of Anaesthesiology, Emergency, Intensive and Maritime Medicine), Prof. Veselin Petrov, MD, PhD (Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery), Chavdar Buchvarov, MD (Invasive Roentgenology), Rupen Benliyan (Computer Centre in the University Hospital ‘St. Marina’).

A Grand Concert in Celebartion of the 55th Anniversary of MU-Varna

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koncert2A diverse programme and a grand concert celebrated the 55th anniversary of Medical University – Varna. A spectacular concert entitled “PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE” was held at the Festival and Congress Centre. The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov opened the ceremony with the words: “In terms of history 55 years are just a brief moment. However, for Medical University – Varna, this is a long period in quest of innovative teaching methods, development of scientific potential and creation of a modern academic institution.”

Special guests at the event were Dr. Vanyo Sharkov – Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, who congratulated the guests on the occasion, His Eminence Joan Metropolitan of Varna and Veliki Preslav, members of Parliament, Rectors of higher education institutions  in the country, CEOs of hospitals , representatives of the executive power, public figures and friends of MU-Varna. Plenty of flowers, awards and more than 100 congratulatory addresses from all over the country were sent to the University, including the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rosen Plevneliev, the Minister of Education and Science – Ms Meglena Kuneva and Her Excellency Ms Iritis Lillian – Ambassador of the State of Israel to Bulgaria. The special events dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the University were attended also by guests from Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Romania.

The rectors, buildings, management, alumni and faculty from the creation of the University to the present day were presented in photos and videos, which were divided symbolically into three parts – past, present and future. The first part entitled “From the History of the Creation of Our University” was dedicated to the path to growth of the Higher Medical Institute consisting of only 1 Faculty to a Medical University with 4 Faculties, 1 College and 3 Affiliates, a member of the European Association of Universities, winning top ranks in prestigious national and international ranking systems of higher education institutions. Well-deserved tribute and respect was paid to all rectors over the years, highlighting their contribution to the development of the University.

Honorary plaquettes “55 Years of Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”- Varna” were awarded to institutions that have supported the activities and development of the University from its creation to the present day in recognition of their support and encouragement in the quest of innovative methods in the field of the dynamically changing academic education of the 21st century.

Alumni of the four Faculties of the higher school who had been honoured with the awards “Golden Hippocrates”, “Golden Galen” and “Outstanding Student of the Class” were presented in the second part, entitled “Present with a Vision for the Future”.

The third part was dedicated to the future – the freshmen of MU-Varna, who are destined to be the new scientists, professors, innovators, medical professionals and who will attack the fortress of education with intelligence and knowledge, raising still higher the prestige of the University.

The programme went on with performances by the talented students of the folklore dance group at Medical University – Varna and the folk singer Hilyal Mehmet. BTR – the legends of the Bulgarian rock music marked the ending of the grand spectacle.