Second National Student Festival of the Medical Universities with international participation

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Dear colleagues,

Medical University – Varna “Prof. d-r Paraskev Stoyanov” is organizing the Second National Student Festival of the Medical Universities with international participation.

On the 21st of April at 15:00h, students from the medical faculties of 6 Universities from the country and abroad will meet at the concert hall of the “Chernomorki” hotel at SOK “Kamchiya”, to present their skills and have fun together.

The academic management o MU-Varna has prepared the stage for the artistic expression of students from MU-Varna, MU-Sofia, MU-Plovdiv, MU-Pleven, The Faculty of medicine of Trakiyan university – Stara agora and the University of Patra, Greece. Nearly 40 performances, with over 200 participants will present their universities. An abundance of styles will satisfy even the most pretentious of tastes.

The variety of musical, dance and theatrical performances will instill the festival spirit into the audience and prove that, asides from being brilliant students, the performers have hidden talents.

The Second National Student Festival of the Medical Universities with international participation will bring to us the dance fiesta of the “Amazon of Asia” – Nepal, the shores of India and it will initiate us to the mystic world of gospel music. The eternal rock classics, the newest pop hits, the sensual dances from the heart of Latin America are but a part of the enthralling program of the festival. The purity of the authentic Bulgarian folklore will stand as testimony to the angelic voices of our own participants.

The team of MU-Varna has prepared multiple additional activities for the students, which will make the experience even more exciting for them. As a compliment from MU-Varna, a visit to the Astronomy center ant the planetarium will allow them to attend a lecture from a genuine Astronaut. Amongst he other interesting activities, which are available are a short boat cruise, a visit to the Slavic center and the Museum of crystals, as well as an abundance of sports activities.

Entrance is free of charge!

See a complete program of the event here!

MU – Varna Celebrated 3rd March

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Students, lecturers and employees at Medical University – Varna celebrated the National Holiday of Bulgaria – 3rd March.

On the eve of the 140th Anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria, with dignity and pride, a team of MU-Varna waved the national tricolor flag at Shipka Peak – the Peak of Liberation, where every year the free Bulgarians, descendants of the Bulgarian volunteers known as Opalchentsi, pay tribute to the heroes.


On the occasion of the holiday, students and lecturers attended the military ritual for raising the national flag in the central square in Varna and laid flowers and wreaths at the monument of Russian warriors in the sea capital.

Velina Markovska

The Mayor of Varna Awarded the Winners from MU-Varna in the Competition for the Most Beautiful Christmas Decoration

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The prizes for the winners in the competition for the most beautiful outdoor Christmas decoration “Decorate Varna for Christmas 2018” were awarded today at a ceremony in Varna Municipality.

Universities, training centres, kindergartens, schools, cultural clubs, shopping centres, citizens took part in the second edition of the competition. The first place, with 650 votes, was awarded to Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov-Varna after voting on the Facebook page of the competition.

The Vice Rector for Innovations and Translational Medicine Prof. Dr. Christina Grupcheva and the designer at the University Christina Tacheva received a plaque and an honorary diploma from the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih.

He addressed the audience with the words, “This competition is a part of our efforts to change Varna and make it still more beautiful. I thank all participants for being a part of this cause and for decorating their homes and administrative buildings with warmth and love. I believe that our joint efforts are the foundation to make our city beautiful not only at Christmas, but to  make it  more and more beautiful every single day, and when we join our efforts  in this cause, I believe we will succeed. Thank you! I wish you good health and happiness!”

Prof. Grupcheva thanked the management and the team of the University for the job well done and for the everyday efforts for the development and prosperity of MU-Varna, “I personally have witnessed the way Hristina checks every single detail. And the merit for this award goes entirely to her and to all people who have been working together with her all the year round.” When the journalists asked whether the content and the form really mattered, she replied, “The form is of particular importance. Anything that does not meet certain standards is doomed to ruin, regardless of its content. So, that is why we take care of both.”

Designer Christina Tacheva revealed that that year there would be plenty of new projects and surprises that would fascinate the visitors to the University and all Varna citizens.

“Our decoration has been created for 5 years, constantly brought up-to-date and appreciated by the students, which is in fact our ultimate goal. It has been done with a great desire, a lot of efforts and enthusiasm. Every year we take into consideration the new trends in lighting, trying to build it up and to make it more and more attractive not only to the students, but also to all visitors, guests and people from Varna. I am absolutely sure that teamwork is the best way to achieve and succeed in anything. In the future I hope we will work in the same way with the same awesome people,” she said.

MU-Varna Is the Winner in the Competition of Varna Municipality for the Most Beautiful Christmas Decoration

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MU-Varna has won the competition for the most beautiful Christmas decoration in Varna with the uncompromising 650 votes. The competition entitled “Decorate Varna for Christmas”, in which the University has taken part for the first time, was organized by Varna Municipality for the second consecutive year.

The first place was awarded on the basis of the votes received on the Facebook page of the initiative. Despite the fact that MV-Varna joined the competition only 10 days before its final stage, it managed to surpass all competitors in no time at all. The second place was for “Bell Education” Training Centre with 276 votes, and the third – the University of Economics – Varna with 271 votes.

Each year the Management of the University strives to create a warm and beautiful Christmas atmosphere for its students and employees as well as for the Varna citizens. The best evidence of this is the thousands of passers-by who stop for a while every day to admire the facade decorations and to take pictures of it.

Institutions, universities, language and business centres and plenty of Varna families took part in the competition, showing their festively decorated buildings.

The organizers of the initiative announced that thanks to the active participation of the citizens of Varna, the competition for the most beautiful outdoor Christmas decoration of a residential or public building in Varna would be held in 2018 again.

Support MU-Varna in the Competition of Varna Municipality for the Most Beautiful Christmas Decoration

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Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” – Varna has joined the initiative of Varna Municipality “Let’s Decorate Varna for Christmas”.

Everyone, willing to support the University and its magical Christmas decorations, can do that through liking the album published on the page of the competition in Facebook.

The competition is held for a second consecutive year and aims to distinguish the most beautiful outdoor Christmas decoration of a public or residential building, facades, terraces, courtyards, inter-block spaces, commercial premises. The campaign goes on until 29th December.

Literary Evenings at the Library of MU-Varna Have Become a Tradition

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The second meeting within the series “Under the Magic Pen of Medics” was held on 14th December 2017. Once again the big hall of the library at Medical University – Varna gathered together guests and friends of the gift of speech. The management, lecturers and students had the opportunity to communicate informally and exchange their experience and new ideas.

Emotional and touching, inspired by the accumulated wisdom of life, was the presentation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yonko Yonkov, who shared quite a few of the “hushed truths” with his audience. Besides his long-term experience as a university lecturer, head of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Assoc. Prof. Yonkov is also a member of the Writers’ Association in Varna, and a winner of the Owl Statue of the Bulgarian Teachers’ Syndicate. He is the author of several poetry collections, the last one of which is “Hushed Truths”, with three revised and supplementary editions.

His associates in the mastery of speech were the 4th-year medical students Rostislava Petrova and Magdalena Bliznakova. They presented poems and sketches in an intriguing dialogue with each other, seeking answers to the eternal questions of love and happiness.

The series “Under the Magic Pen of Medics”, initiated by the library, is becoming a sought-after scene for the creative expression of doctors.

The Past and the Future of Medicine Interwoven in the Calendar of MU-Varna for 2018

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MU-Varna presents a calendar for 2018, in which the past and the future of Medicine are interwoven in 12 stylish photographs. The calendar can be purchased now at the University bookshops at MU – Varna and at University Hospital “St. Marina”.

Models of the 12 months are students from different specialties at the University, and the scene of the photos is the Museum of History of Medicine, which has carefully preserved and provided exhibits from the practice of Bulgarian medics from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. In the charity calendar of MU-Varna for 2018 you can trace the history of Medicine through an ophthalmic frame and a glass eye wash cup, a pair of gloves for X-ray examination, made of leather and lead, diathermy apparatus, glass spatulas, a baby weighing scale, syringes dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, soldier sanitary packages. The merit for the concept and elaboration of the calendar belongs entirely to a team from MU-Varna, including Petko Momchilov, Hristina Tacheva, Katina Dimitrova, Ivelina Dimitrova and Ognian Antov.

Velina Markovska

St. Nicholas Day Was Celebrated with an Exhibition at MU-Varna

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An exhibition dedicated to St. Nicholas Day (Nikulden) was opened at the Library of MU-Varna on 6th December on the occasion of the holiday. The exhibition displays information about the beneficial properties of some Black Sea fish and traces the traditions of the holiday.

St. Nicolay Mirlikiyski the Wonderworker is the patron saint of seas, lakes and rivers, sailors and fishermen, of the family and kin. St. Nicholas was born around 270 in Patara, a town in the region of Lycia in Asia Minor, and died on 6th December 342. That is why we pay a tribute to him on that day.

Four Students from the Medical University Were Awarded on the Eve of 8th December by the Municipality of Varna

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Four students from Medical University – Varna were awarded on the eve of 8th December by the Municipality of Varna. The Mayor Mr. Ivan Portnih and the Chairperson of the Municipal Council Todor Balabanov presented the annual prizes to students from the Varna Higher Education Institutions, ranked first, second and third at Student Olympiads, international and national competitions and contests, with excellent achievements at scientific forums. At the official ceremony the awards from the municipal contest “Best Diploma Thesis” were presented as well.

The award in the field of Healthcare and Sports was given to Desislav Dobrev – 6th-year student, specialty Dental Medicine, and 3 students from Medical University – Varna were awarded in the competition for best diploma thesis. Svetlana Radeva was awarded with the first prize for her diploma thesis in the field of Humanities, entitled “Adaptation for Practising Obstetric Profession in Hospital Conditions”, with a supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lora Georgieva, the second prize was awarded to Elena Ignatova for her diploma thesis on “Analysis of the Cost of Surgical Treatment, Requiring the Use of Medical Implants in the Field of Orthopedics and Traumatology”, with a supervisor Assoc. Prof. Lyubomira Koeva. The second prize in the field of Economics was awarded to Petya Sarkizova for her diploma thesis entitled “Analysis of the Financial Situation of Municipal Medical Diagnostic and Consultation Centres – Plovdiv”, with a supervisor Assoc. Prof. Lyubomira Koeva. All three awarded students are from the Faculty of Public Health at Medical University-Varna.

“Dear students, we sincerely rejoice at your achievements and your first steps in science. I believe your theses will find their practical implementation. As administration we are certain that the investments in education, innovative way of thinking and creativity are extremely important to every young person and to the development of our city. Congratulations to the award winners as well as to the lecturers and the managements of the higher education institutions. On the eve of the student holiday, I wish you to be healthy, successful and to achieve your professional realization here in Varna,” said the Mayor Ivan Portnih.

Culinary Masterpieces from 10 Nationalities Were Presented at the International Culinary Evening “A Healthy Food for a Wealthy Mood”

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Rappongi Restaurant hosted the fourth consecutive International Culinary Evening on 1st December, which this year was entitled “A healthy food for a wealthy mood”. More than 300 students had the opportunity to taste the tempting suggestions presented by 11 teams.

The culinary fiesta gathered nearly 60 students – chefs from the Bulgarian and English language training programmes. At the beginning of the “delicious” evening the captains of the teams presented the traditional dishes from their national cuisine, which were selected for the competition.

Tavche-gravche (a dish, prepared with baked beans), saffron rice, cabbils, hummus, gobi manchurian, tortilla, vareniki (dumplings)with sour cherries, dzadziki (cacık) , Rhodopean patatnik (traditional Bulgarian potato-based dish, characteristic of the Rhodope Mountains) and hare hunter style were just a few of the intriguing proposals of the teams from Cyprus, Germany, Ukraine, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iran and the two Bulgarian teams “Cherry” and “Soup-A-star”.

Besides the students who demonstrated their culinary skills, the organizers managed to involve the whole audience in a variety of games with special prizes. Tasting food and beverages with folded eyes, pealing eggs with two left hands, culinary quiz and games boosted the mood of the participants and brought terrific prizes and enthralling positive emotions to them.

As a compliment from the management of MU-Varna, the team of the student canteen “Quantum Satis” had prepared for all guests traditional Bulgarian dishes, which really fascinated the foreign students.

The jury, including Chef Emil Vidov from Rappongi Restaurant, Chef Vladimir Stamov from By the Sea Restaurant and Chef Philip Spasov from Bistro Europe, evaluated the dishes according to a special assessment system, and after a consultation they ranked the participants from the teams of India, Iran and Spain in the first three places. The winners received brunch and dinner vouchers at Bistro Europe, By the Sea and Rappongi Restaurants. The organizers of the event at MU-Varna decided to award a special prize to the Macedonian team. All participants received traditional Bulgarian guveche (a small clay pot) as well as many other gifts.