On April the 23rd , 2017 for a second consecutive year the Bulgarian Association for Haemophilia will organize the cycling tour “TOGETHER”. The both social and sporting event will start exactly at 10:30 am. simultaneously in three cities – Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

The rally point in Varna is the Sea Garden.

This year, in parallel with the World Hemophilia Day with the call “Hear their voice,” emphasis of the campaign will be all girls and women with inherited bleeding disorders.

The association annually celebrates the World Hemophilia Day on April the 17th with various public events that aim to publicize initiatives to provide the necessary treatment of people with congenital bleeding disorders. This year’s event is scheduled for April the 23th  (Sunday), having in mind the Easter holidays on April the 16th and 17th.

The cycling tour “TOGETHER” is a special event chosen by the Bulgarian Association for Hemophilia, which aims to make cycling popular cycling as it is recommended and healthy for people with hemophilia. The association works to protect the rights and interests, focusing on the principle that by using modern treatment and social support, those people can be TOGETHER, equivalently integrated – part of the evolving modern society. The organizers invite all active citizens on April the 23rd to take a bike ride together to unite in a cause, which aims to raise awareness, adequate acceptance and empathy in our society.

The route for the cycling tour TOGETHER in Varna will be as follows. It is consistent with the capabilities of even the most novice cyclists!

Show your support and enjoy a wonderful Sunday stroll!

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