Have you ever dreamed of being on the big stage under the lights, hearing the applause and having all eyes set on you? And then time stops and you own the moment!

Some people stand out with their scientific achievements, others are sports leaders. Now it’s time for the event, which combines both a beautiful mind and a stunning appearance – the contest ‘Miss and Mister MU-Varna’ 2017!

If you are a student at MU-Varna and you are not afraid to show your potential, to prove that you want and are able to achieve more, you could become our most memorable student in the end of the academic year! Of course, we have prepared amazing prizes for everybody and especially for the participants, who win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, as follows:


  • Miss/Mister – 500 lv
  • 2nd place female/male – 300 lv
  • 3rd place female/male – 150 lv

Traditionally, days before the contest, there will be made a video album in Facebook, containing videos of all participants introducing themselves. The videos, respectively of a man and a woman, which gather the most likes, will be announced as ‘The Audience’s Favourite’. Their prize will be 150 lv (female/male). The special voting in Facebook will not be taken into consideration by the jury during the official voting of the contest.

For the fourth time the Student’s Council at MU-Varna invites you to become a part of one of ‘the hottest’ events in our calendar. The contest will take place on the 18th of May in the summer club “Xtravaganzza”.

Each candidate ought to send an email to konkurs@mu-varna.bg, containing their names, specialty, year, height and two pictures (one portrait and the other one in full height) and one’s motivation to participate in the contest. From all registered candidates, a special jury will choose 8 finalists,  male and female each, who will continue on the next stage of the competition.


Expect further news, in order to follow the preparation of the contest!

Take a look at pictures from previous events:

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