Modern interactive teaching methods in surgery – workshop in BSYSB 2017

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Dear participants in the Fourth Black Sea Symposium,

We present to you the latest news. During the symposium we will have the honor to invite you to participate in one of the most attractive workshops – Modern interactive teaching methods in surgery. It will include the presentation of two of the newest features of  the Medical University of Varna:

  • Laparoscopic simulator Simbionix lap mentor III – the first of its kind in Bulgaria simulator for laparoscopic surgery which involves a large number of manipulations for basic skills in laparoscopic surgery as well as surgery interventions for advanced skills.
  • Mobile station for telemedicine for online live connection between operating rooms and classrooms in the structures of the Medical University of Varna, as well as affiliates in Sliven, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo.
The workshop will be held on Saturday, in 13:30h at the University Hospital “St. Marina” on the 6th floor, Department of General and operative surgery. The participants must have registration for the Black Sea Symposium and be medical students after second course (III, IV, V and VI year). The limit on the number of participants is 10 people. Deadline: 06.04.2016, 00:00h.

In view of the need the participants in the workshop must have basic knowledge of laparoscopic manipulation, participants must complete the following questions correctly. The first 10 people who have volunteered to participate and have given the correct answers to the following questions will participate in the workshop: HERE

Over 30 Students from the MU-Varna Donated Blood for the Casualties from Hitrino

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Over 30 students from the MU-Varna mobilized themselves and donated blood for the casualties, caused by a devastating accident in village Hitrino, in which a lot of people were severely injured. After an excellent and quick organization the future medics who were still celebrating Student’s Day, showed again that they are ready to cooperate and help during difficult times for society. 

‘Tragedies happen always, independently from the time, season or holidays and we, as health workers, should be the people who rush to help and support anyone in need during tough times. This is the exact reason why we turn to you – anyone who is capable of donating blood should do it, in order to help as many people as possible. It costs nothing, it is absolutely free and it takes only about an hour from your time, however for the casualties this one hour could be fatal! Be the people, thanks to whom as many casualties as possible will survive, be the people who will give hope and optimism to anyone, involved in the fire accident. When signing in the list to donate blood, you should mention that you are a student from the MU-Varna.’ With this message the students from the Students’ Council addressed their colleagues from all specialties in the social network. 

The movement continues tomorrow, 11th of December. The MU-Varna turns to anyone who can, with an appeal to go and give life on Sunday in the Transfusion Haematology Centre in Varna.


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15259536_10206121891845030_873901235573543295_oDear colleagues,

In light of the upcoming fifth international student conference “Black sea symposium for young scientists in biomedicine”, which will take place between the 6th and the 9th of April 2017, we wish to inform you that the registration is now open and can be done HERE. (To register you need to choose Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine and follow the guidelines).

Below are the participation taxes:

  • For authors participating in the symposium from the Medical University of Varna – free of charge;
  • For Bulgarian authors, who are not students or professors in MU- Varna – 40 BGN;
  • For passive participants – 40 BGN for both MU-Varna students and students of other universities in Bulgaria;
  • For international participants – 40 EUR.

The registration deadline is 06.03.2017

List of candidates- Students’ council representatives elections for the foreign (english) program students

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sslogo0157Dear Colleagues,
we would like to invite you to vote for your representatives in the Students’ Council (SC) among the students of the English programme. Considering the upcoming holidays and many other factors, we chose the day for the elections to be 06.12.2016!
Election day: Tuesday, 06.12.2016
Election time: from 9:00 to 16:00 o’clock
Polling station Nr. 1: MU-Varna – main building, 2nd floor in front of the library
Polling station Nr. 2: Locker room, St. Marina Hospital – Varna
1) Who has the right to vote?
Only medical and dental students of the English Programme of the MU-Varna.
2) Who has the right to be elected?
Only medical and dental students of the English Programme of the MU-Varna, who have registered themselves for the elections, according to the invitation until the 02.12.2016, 00:00 o’clock. New candidates for this semester will no longer be accepted.
3) How can I vote?
In order to vote you should go to YOUR polling station and show your students’ book or students’ ID-Card and an ID-Card or Drivers License.
4) Election rules
   4.1 Students without identification documents, according to 3) will not be allowed to vote.
   4.2 Students will not have the right to vote in alternative polling stations.
   4.3 The right to vote can be exerted ONLY personally. Each student will have to sign in the voters list.
  4.4 Each student has ONE VOTE ONLY! It is obligatory to vote for ONLY ONE candidate form the student’s certain year and specialty. Ballot papers with more than one vote will be considered invalid.
  4.5 The elections are anonymous. Ballot papers with additional notes on them that could show the identity of the voter will be considered invalid.
   4.6 If a candidate has 0 votes, their application will be considered invalid and they will not be accepted as a member of the Students’ Council.
   4.7 The Ballot Papers will be counted at the SC-Office as soon as they reach the SC-Office with the election committees. Every candidate has the right to see the counting, however, one does not have the right to take part in or to film the process of counting. The results will be published not later than 3 days after the election with an official protocol.
   4.8 If you see any problems on the election day or mistakes in this message, please, contact me at:
You can see the list of the candidates beneath.
– Stefan Fartmann; Age: 19; Group Nr. 5E; Languages: English, German, French, Bulgarian.
– Ivaylo Angelov; Age: 22; Group Nr. 1E; Languages: English, Bulgarian.
– Denitsa Hristova, Age: 22; Group Nr. 19; Languages: English, German, Bulgarian.
 – Vincent Paul Lorenz Rheinfurth, Age: 25; Group Nr. 12Е; Languages: English, German, little Bulgarian.
– Faidra Marazaki; Age: 26; Group Nr. 8; Languages: English, Greek, French, Italian, Bulgarian

– Anita Popova; Age: 20; Group Nr. 1; Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Bulgarian.
– Petros Michael; Age: 25; Group Nr. 7E; Languages: English, Greek.
– Wiktoria Andrzejewska Age: 24; Group Nr. 7E; Languages: Polish, English, Bulgarian.
The Registration Forms of the candidates are part of this document. (download)

Students’ council representatives elections for the foreign (english) program students

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sslogo0157Dear colleagues,

the Students‘ Council of the MU-Varna is an official structure of the MU-Varna, that is a legal part of the decision making process in our university. Its legal basis is the Bulgarian Law for the Higher Education (, which states, that each university in Bulgaria should have a Students‘ Council, elected by the students of the university.

The Students´ Council of MU-Varna is one of the most active students‘ councils in Bulgaria. Many of the improvements in the MU-Varna were done after official proposals from our Students’ Council. The Students’ Council usually meets once a week, always at the same time in the evenings in the main building.

The number of students, that study in English language in our university has been increased rapidly in in recent years.

On  the 22nd of November, during the General Assembly of the Students Council was decided that the elections for foreign students that will be included in the team of the Students’ Council, respectively from specialties Medicine and Dental Medicine, should be held.

Elections will be held on the 6th of December in the range of 09:00 to 16:00 at two electing points – MU-Varna and the University Hospital “St. Marina”.

Medicine specialty quotas will be allocated as follows:

– 1st year – 2 quotas

– 2nd year – 2 quotas

– 3rd year – 2 quotas

– 4th year – 2 quotas

– 5th year -1 quota

– 6th year – 1 quota

Specialty Dental Medicine

– 1st year – 1 quota

– 2nd year – 1 quota

– 3rd year – 1 quota

– 4th year – 1 quota

– 5th year -1 quota

– 6th year – 1 quota

Applications (motivational letter-download) must be submitted electronically to the Chairman of the Students’ Council on the e-mail address :


MU – Varna with a Diploma for Participation in International Education Fair

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diploma-v-mejdunarodno-izlozhenieThe Medical University of Varna was awarded a Diploma for participation in the Ukrainian International Fair Education abroad” which was held in the period 17th – 19th November 2016 in Kiev, Ukraine.
The diverse training opportunities at Medical University – Varna as well as the modern methods of teaching and the high-tech facilities of the University were presented to applicants and parents from the region of the Ukrainian capital.

The large-scale event was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Society “Knowledge” and the Ukrainian Youth Centre in Kiev.
Representatives of more than 140 universities, scientific institutions and educational centres from Ukraine, USA, France, Poland, the Check Republic, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and Malaysia took part in the fair. The Medical University of Varna was the only representative from Bulgaria.

The Chairman of the Executive Board of District Clinics “Middle Franconia” will deliver a lecture

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lekciqThe Chairman of the Executive Board of District Clinics “Middle Franconia” with a seat in Ansbach, Bavaria – Mr Helmut Nawratil  will deliver a lecture entitled “Present and Future Challenges and Opportunities for Medicine in Germany” in Auditorium I of the Medical University of Varna on November 4th 2016 (Friday) from 18:30.
Mr Nawratil will present his concept about the present and future of health care in Germany based on the practices of the clinics headed by him and the challenges and opportunities for cooperation among institutions.
The lecture will be delivered in German language and can be useful for German speaking students, residents, members of academic staff and specialists.
The audience will be given the opportunity to ask questions and take part in the discussion.
District Clinics “Middle Franconia” comprise a union of state hospitals in the German federal province of Bavaria specialized in the field of inpatients’ and outpatients’ care for psychiatric, neurological and geriatric patients. 

The Chairman of the Executive Board of District Clinics “Middle Franconia” will deliver a lecture

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On 03.11.2016 (Thursday) at 14:00 in MU-Varna, Ist auditorium, floor 4 , will hold lecture on ” Current management and treatment in Oncogynaecology – state of art “.

The lecture will be delivered by Prof. Neville Hacker, director of the Gynecological Cancer Center at the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia.

“Rector’s cup 2016” winners in basketball, volleyball and tennis

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This year’s “Rector’s Cup” basketball, volleyball and tennis tournaments have ended.

The event started with the basketball competition and the winners were „Децата на Новицки”, a team, compromised of German students. Second and third place go to the „Масоните” and „Очосинко” teams respectively. The German guest tutors scored fourth.

The volleyball competition ended with a score of two to three games in favor of the „Великолепните медици” team, the runners up are team „Радиоактив”.

In the tennis tournament, first second and third place in the competition for women go to: Елица Моллова,  Илияна Петрова and Моника Нанова respectively. In the male bracket, the winner is Лукас Брюкнер, second place goes to Иван Стойчев and third place is shared by Марсен Касабов and Юмер Юмеров.

On the 10.10.2016 (Monday) were the first matches of the football tournament. There are 15 teams in total in the competition and 6 games have been played as of yet.

The chess, fitness, backgammon, cross, table tennis and paintball competitions begin on the 15.10.2016 (Saturday)

MU-Varna initiated the establishment of an international partnership network

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mezhd-part-sreshtaThe First International Meeting of MU-Varna partners was held within the events dedicated to the 55th anniversary from the foundation of the Medical University of Varna on October 8th 2016.

The Vice Rector for International Relations, Accreditation and Quality Prof. Todorka Kostadinova and the Head of the International Relations Department Dr. Aneta Dokova were moderators of the meeting. Following the motto of the celebrations “Success has a beginning!” the meeting started with a presentation on the international activities and the outcomes of the international partnerships during the terms of Rectors Assoc. Prof. Georgi Marinov, Prof. Dimitar Kamburov, Prof. Temelko Temelkov and Prof. Aneliya Klisarova who were present in person at the forum. Their presence was an honour for the participants and was appreciated by all international guests. An overview introduced the currently active international partnerships of MU-Varna, after which the floor was given to the international partners to present their vision about the future joint projects and fields of cooperation.

Partners from 10 countries took part in the meeting, among whom ‘Doctor Honoris Causa of the Medical University of Varna’ Prof. Dr. Michael Beyer – Head of the Clinic of Cardiac and Thorаcic Surgery in Augsburg (Germany) and Dr. Peter Saladin (Switzerland).  The delegations of the international partners were represented by  Prof. Dr.Matthias Gugger – Director for Teaching and Research at Inselspital in Bern (Switzerland), Dr. Lubomir Arseniev –  Head of the Centre for Cell Therapy at the Medical School in Hannover (Germany), Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna Czabanowska PhD – President of the Association of the Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER), Georgiana Bercaru (Romania) from the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN), Prof. Dr. Krikor Dikranian – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Prof. Mominka Filev from the University of Davenport (USA), Mr. Eric Perrotel – Attaché to the French Institute in Bulgaria, Prof. Andrey Svistunov – First Vice-Rector for innovations and international relations, Prof. Yuliya Fedorova – Director of the Centre of Master Degree Programmes and Olga Sadkovaya – Head of International Office at  First Moscow State Medical University “I. M. Sechenov” (Russia), Prof. Grigoriy Flax, Dr. Dmitriy Korenev and Prof. Vladlen Bazilev from the Federal Centre for Cardiovascular Surgery in Penza (Russia), Assoc. Prof. Natalia Misnyk from “Bogomolets” Medical University in Kiev (Ukraine) and Mr Helmut Nawratil – Director of District Hospitals in Middle Franconia (Germany).  

The main purpose of the First International Meeting of MU-Varna partners include the development larger scale collaborations and shifting from bilateral to multilateral partnerships, formation of teams for the preparation and implementation of long-term research projects in accordance with the scientific priorities of the University, organization of cultural and sports initiatives in a multi-cultural environment including for humanitarian causes. 

All the participants united around the idea that the meeting of MU- Varna partners becomes an annual forum.  The next meeting will be devoted to topics such as mobility, e-learning and e-health.