Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine 2018 with a Jubilee Session on Healthcare Management

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The Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine (BSYSB) and the Jubilee Session on Healthcare Management are organized by the Students’ Council at the Medical University of Varna, the Association of Medical Students – Varna, the Association of Dental Medicine Students-Varna and the Association of Pharmacy Students -Varna.

For the sixth consecutive year BSYSB will allow for an international academic gathering for student and young scientists in the medical fields. The symposium will take place in the majestic and ancient Maritime Capital of Bulgaria, allowing for a rich scientific and social program in the lovely spring month of April. BSYSB attracts the presence of more than 600 young scientists from around the globe annually, which are eager to present their fascinating scientific findings and share their personal experience over a varied scientific program and discussions. Participants are met with a sublime social program and are given the opportunity to discuss their topics of interest with international guest lecturers.

The symposium is for all students and graduates in specialties related to Biomedicine and Healthcare.

The Jubilee Session is dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of “Healthcare Management” specialty in Bulgaria.

On the 26th of May 1993, the Academic Council of the Higher Medical Institute – Varna started the first academic program in Healthcare Management in Bulgaria. Twenty-five years later, we, the professors and students are working together to enhance the knowledge and expertise in healthcare management in Bulgaria for the wellbeing of patients, professionals, and society altogether.

The official language of BSYSB 2018 is English.

The official languages of the Jubilee Session on Healthcare Management are English and Bulgarian.



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Dear colleagues,
Due to the heightened interest in the Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine (BSYSB), the abstract submission deadline will be extended. The change aims to permit a larger number of authors to participate in the conference.

Abstract submission will remain open until the 10.03.17 at 23:59h.

Consider yourselves cordially invited to attend and participate in BSYSB ‘17.

We look forward to meeting you there!

BSYSB registration reminder

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Dear colleagues,

The summer semester is almost upon us and it is about to present us with interesting new knowledge, as well as new hardships to overcome. For those among you with the desire to demonstrate their academic potential the Fifth Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine offers a convenient opportunity to do just that.

We wish to remind you that the abstract submission deadline is the 06.03.2017. The abstracts should be sent as soon as possible, so that our scientific committee could review them and return them in adequate time if any redactions are needed.

More information on the symposium here.

Link for registration here.

Participate in the first student scientific journal published by MU-Varna

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We have the pleasure of informing you that this year we will mark the beginning of the new scientific journal of Medical University of Varna – “Prof d-r Paraskev Stoyanov”, titled “SCRIPTA SCIENTIFICA VOX STUDENTIUM”. We would like to invite you to participate in its pilot edition.

All students who have participated in the symposium can submit articles. The requirements and guidelines can be found here.

The article submission deadline is 15.04.2017 at 23:59.

Every single student, who wishes to further their academic development is invited to be part of this edition of the journal by sending us an original full text article.

The creation and the participation in the creation of scientific articles is invaluable experience for your future career and an excellent way to improve your competence as a specialist.

The journal accepts only full text articles – an abstract and a full article, along with figures or tables attached to it, which aim to visualize the data. Full text articles share the same structure as abstracts, more precisely: aim – a clarification the main idea of the research and a short introduction of the topic, materials and methods – a description of the materials, the equipment and the research types which were used to reach the aim, results – a presentation of the results gathered in the research and their analysis, discussion – the importance of the results and their place in the scientific world, conclusion – a short and concise resumé of the previously mentioned information.


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Dear colleagues and participants,

The Organizing Committee of BSYSB is proud to announce the first „Medicine through my eyes“ art exhibit, which will be held during the symposium in April 2017.

To take part you must be a registered participant and submit an original artwork, set to the following standards:

  • Biomedical thematic
  • White drawing place 40/40cm in size
  • Use only the colors black and blue

Express yourself through your art and show to the other participants what medicine is to you, how it makes you feel and how it has changed your life!

Artworks are to be submitted in the Students Council office one day before the exhibit.

(the exact date will be announced, once the program for the symposium is announced)

Results from the Students’ council representatives elections for the foreign (english) program students

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sslogo0157Dear Colleagues,
we would like to inform you that after examining protocol No 1 and No 2 from the election day and counting the votes from each of them for representatives in the Students’ Council (SC) among the students of the English programme in the presence of: Turgay Kalinov ,Magdalena Bliznakova, Boyko Matev, Emran Lyutfi, Yoanna Bukreeva, Ivan Angelov

the results are as follows:

– Stefan Fartmann; Age: 19; Group Nr. 5E; Languages: English, German, French, Bulgarian. – 6 votes
– Ivaylo Angelov; Age: 22; Group Nr. 1E; Languages: English, Bulgarian. – 5 votes
– Denitsa Hristova, Age: 22; Group Nr. 19; Languages: English, German, Bulgarian. – 17 votes
 – Vincent Paul Lorenz Rheinfurth, Age: 25; Group Nr. 12Е; Languages: English, German, little Bulgarian. – 17 votes

– Faidra Marazaki; Age: 26; Group Nr. 8; Languages: English, Greek, French, Italian, Bulgarian – 2 votes

– Anita Popova; Age: 20; Group Nr. 1; Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Bulgarian. – 5 votes
– Petros Michael; Age: 25; Group Nr. 7E; Languages: English, Greek. – 3 votes
– Wiktoria Andrzejewska Age: 24; Group Nr. 7E; Languages: Polish, English, Bulgarian. – 8 votes
The entirety of the Student’s Council congratulates the newly elected representatives of their respective years and specialties!
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, which will take place on the 7th of December 2016 (Wednesday) at 19:00h in auditorium I of the MU-Varna building.


Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists in Biomedicine 2017

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During the last four consecutive years, the students from Medical University “Prof. Paraskev Stoqnov”- Varna managed to organize an international conference at a quite high level, putting together students, young doctors and international lectors.
The congress which takes place in the maritime capital of Bulgaria is aptly named “Black Sea Symposium for young Scientists in Biomedicine”, in short BSYSB.
Last year the symposium attracted around 500 capable students and young doctors from all around the globe, wanting to present their interesting scientific work. They were met by a wonderful team and a pleasant social program, and during the three days they were together they had the opportunity to discuss the topics they were interested in.
Allow us to present to you the 5th edition of this now traditional event. 
For your personal comfort and leisure and to enjoy the academic spirit of the symposium, we have prepared varied and interesting sessions, an entertaining social program and our special guest lecturers, leaders in their respective fields, are going to enrich our medical knowledge.
The conference will take place between the 6th and 9th of April 2017.
Expect additional information about how to submit your abstract and pay the participation fee in a couple of weeks.
For more information, please visit these sites:
Consider yourselves cordially invited to participate in BSYSB ‘17