Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov – Rector of the Medical University of Varna Welcomed the Minister of Education and Science Mr. Krasimir Valchev

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Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov – Rector of the Medical University of Varna met the Minister of Education and Science Mr. Krasimir Valchev on 3rd April 2018. Besides the students who had come to the modern Auditorium I at the Medical University – Varna, the Minister had the opportunity to meet students and lecturers in the affiliates in Sliven, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo thanks to the operating high technologies. Prof. Radoslav Radev, who was a virtual guide, introduced Minister Valchev to the physicians in the surgical units at the University Hospital “St. Marina ” – Varna and the University Medico-Dental Center, demonstrating the high-tech capacity available the students during their training at the Medical University of Varna. A virtual connection was also established with a lecture hall at the Faculty of Pharmacy and the simulation center at the University Hospital “St. Marina “, where the students from the English language programme conducted their classes at that time.

In addition to the IT solutions implemented in the Medical University of Varna in the daily educational activities, Prof. Radev presented to the Minister the e-learning systems such as “Blackboard”, Web student for the electronic student services, Web teacher, the digital platform for generating exams tests and the university television.

Minister Valchev adopted the role of a postgraduate student at the Medical University of Varna by means of the first 3D glasses in the world for virtual reality in surgical training and the laparoscopic surgery simulator, performing a surgical intervention.



“I congratulate you on what you have done regarding the digitization and modernization of training and research. I am convinced that this will ensure competitive advantages for you in the long run. We need more educational institutions like yours which are internationally recognizable and adequate to the new challenges”, said the Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev to the Rector of Medical University of Varna, the academic management and the students.


A Professor from MU – Varna Took Part in a Scientific Symposium in Social Pharmacy in Belgrade

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In the period 23rd -24th  March 2018 Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Grigorov, MScPharm, PhD from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Varna presented several of his scientific studies developed  together with students and PhD students at IIIrd Central and Eastern European Scientific Symposium “Health Outcomes & Social Pharmacy” which was held in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

Traditionally, the scientific event enjoys large participation of researchers from Central and Eastern Europe. This year it was joined also by guests from Norway and the Republic of Ireland.

The latest trends in the development of social pharmacy and the pharmaceutical training and practice were presented and discussed in the poster session.

The emphasis in the symposium was laid on the innovative health technologies and their application in public healthcare. 


For a third consecutive year the Bulgarian Haemophilia Association Invites the Citizens of Varna to Participate in a Cycling March “Together”

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On 21st April 2018 (Saturday) from 11:00 to 13:00 the traditional cycling march “Together” is going to take place in the city of Varna. It is organized for a third consecutive tour by the Bulgarian Haemophilia Association.

The Association marks annually the World Haemophilia Day on April 17th with various public events aimed at rising the public awareness about the nature of the disease and at supporting the people with congenital coagulation disorders and their families. This year the cycling march will take place on April 17th in 4 cities simultaneously – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas.

With their campaign entitled “Sharing is Strength” and the cycling march “Together” the organisers appeal to all stakeholders – health institutions, governmental, nongovernmental, public and private sector and society at large to unite in the name of the common cause.

The aim of the campaign is also to express an appeal to all the people to share more knowledge, skills, resources and support in order to achieve an improvement in the treatment and the quality of living of all the people with haemophilia.

Cycling and swimming are the two recommended types of sports for those suffering from haemophilia. The Bulgarian Haemophilia Association invites people of all ages to demonstrate their commitment and join the noble initiative.

You may find more information here.

For further information and enrolment: Magdalena Bliznakova 0888 883131

Students at MU-Varna Presented a Scientific Work at an International Student Congress

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From 21st to 23rd March 2018 students from the specialty of Nursing Care at the Faculty of Public Health at MU-Varna, in partnership with medical students, took part in the International Students Congress “MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH IN HEALTH – MUISC 2018”. The event was held at Maltepe University in Istanbul, Turkey.

The students Julia Chusova, Valeria Bakinina and Stefani Markova presented their scientific work entitled “Providing Emergency Medical Care to Sailing Vessels” and impressed the audience at the Congress with their interesting presentation.


Lecturers from MU-Varna Visited Maltepe University within Erasmus+ Programme

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Lecturers from the Department of Healthcare at the Faculty of Public Health at MU – Varna visited Maltepe University in Istanbul, Turkey within Erasmus+ Programme.


The head of the Department – Assoc. Prof. Sylvia Borisova and Assist. Prof. Violeta Staneva examined the facilities at the Turkish university, the Nursing School and the clinical facilities for practical training. Medical University-Varna was presented at the working meetings with the management of the higher education institution in Maltepe, and the future cooperation and interaction between the universities were discussed.

The audience was impressed by the active international exchange as well as the training facilities, conditions and student life at MU-Varna, which were visualized in a presentation.


“Evening of Pathophysiology” Gathered Friends and Guests at MU – Varna

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“Evening of Pathophysiology” was held at Auditorium II of MU-Varna on 22nd March 2018. The organizer was Assoc. Prof. Radko Radev from the Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology, who opened the event and announced a cartoon drawing contest and an original octave – eight-line stanza.

Among the official guests were Prof. Zlatislav Stoyanov – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emanuela Mutafova – Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Prof. Lyubomir Makedonski – Head of the Department of Chemistry, Prof. Stefka Kuzmanova – Head of the Department of Pharmacology, , Assoc. Prof. Yonko Yonkov – one of the Heads of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology over the years, Dr. Stoyanov, Assoc. Prof. Margarita Velikova – Head of TRS Physiology and many others. The honorary participant in the evening – Assoc. Prof. Demireva received flowers from the organizers as a token of respect for her activities over the years.

A special film about the history of Pathophysiology was shown, followed by a quiz and a lottery with prizes. The organizer Assoc. Prof. Radev read interesting aphorisms, related to Pathophysiology, and Dr. Hristova focused the attention on a crossword puzzles with a specific response pattern. The University theatrical troupe played an exciting sketch, imitating an examination situation with a professor and students, which was rewarded with audience applause. The student from MU-Varna Sibel congratulated the participants with a musical performance.

Quite a different and intriguing competition took place at the end of the evening – a competent jury selected the winners in all games with the help of …. guinea pigs.

The First in the Country Course on “Pharmaceutical Business and Market Access to Medicines” Was Held at MU – Varna

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А specialized course for postgraduate training on “Pharmaceutical Business and Market Access to Medicines” was held оn 23rd and 24th March 2018 at Medical University “Prof. Dr. P. Stoyanov” – Varna. Organizer of the course is the Department of Economics and Management of Healthcare at MU-Varna.

Course lecturers were the leading specialists in the field of health and drug policy, management and law – Prof. Petko Salchev from the National Centre of Public Health and Analyses (NCPHA), the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency – Assoc. Prof. Assena Stoimenova, Dr. Branimir Brankov, Dr. Peiko Angelov – Bulgarian Association for Drug Information, Dr. Galya Condeva – National Health Insurance Fund, Dr. Nikolay Mihaylov -Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA, Mr. Plamen Rusev – President of Webit Fesival and PhD student at the Department of Economics and Management of Healthcare at MU-Varna and the lecturers at MU-Varna Assoc. Prof. Albena Zlatareva, Assoc. Prof. Maria Valkanova, Assoc. Prof. Maria Rohova, Prof. Todorka Kostadinova and Assoc. Prof. Lyubomira Koeva. Lectures were delivered also by Prof. Ilko Getov – Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, Prof. Nikolay Danchev – National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products, and Dr. Boyko Penkov – Ministry of Health.

The course topics were organized in the directions of “Pharmaceutical Policy, Regulation of Production, Use and Market Access to Medicines” and “Development of Pharmaceutical Business and Pharmaceutical Markets”.

Among the course participants were senior managers and specialists from leading pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria.

The course was held in the jubilee year 2018, in which Medical University – Varna celebrates the 25th  Anniversary of the establishment of the first academic specialty in “Health Management” and 5 years of the establishment of the first Master Programme in “Pharmaceutical Management” in Bulgaria.

Varna Universiade – 2018

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Dear colleagues, 

The Varna Universiade is a sports tournament, which is held annually. We invite all students who wish to participate in the 19th edition of the event – from the 14th to the 28th of April 2018.


You can sign up for these sports, which will take place in the following order:

  1. Athletics Race – 14.04.2018 in the Maritime Garden, under the Summer Theater. There will be individual and team rankings;
  2. Volleyball – from 16 to 23.04.2018 in University of Economics – Varna. Female and male teams are included;
  3. Mini Football – from 16 to 20.04.2018 in Municipal Sports Complex “Mladost”;
  4. Bowling – 18.04.2018 in “Playground”, Mall Varna. Four teams are included in the competition, each consisting of 5 people (there is an option to add reserve players);
  5. Tennis – from 20 to 21.04.2018 in TC “Chaika”;
  6. Swimming – 21.04.2018 in “Primorski” Swimming pool;
  7. Table tennis – from 15 to 16.04.2018 in University of Economics – Varna;
  8. Basketball – from 23 to 27.04.2018 in Medical university – Varna;
  9. Chess – 23.04.2018 in Sports Hall “Yunashki Salon”;

You can register for participation in the competitions directly at the office of TRS SPORT in Medical university – Varna.

ONLY the registration for participation in the bowling competition is by sending an e-mail to The email should contain the names and faculty numbers of the players, as well as the telephone number of the captain of the team.


Important information: Medical university – Varna will be represented by its official teams in the competitions of basketball, football and volleyball. If you are great at sports and willing to participate, you can join the teams and show your abilities during the next edition of the Varna Universiade.

Deadline for registration: 09.04.2018

For additional information you can turn to TRS Sport or send an e-mail to

The Minister of Health Mr. Kiril Ananiev Visited UMHAT “St. Marina” – Varna

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Today, the Executive Director of UMHAT “St. Marina” Prof. Dr. Valentin Ignatov presented the Activity Report of the Hospital for 2017 at an open medical council in the presence of the Minister of Health Mr. Kiril Ananiev, the Rector of MU – Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, the District Governor Mr. Stoyan Pasev, the Mayor of the Sea Capital Mr. Ivan Portnih, official guests, lecturers and doctors. Later on, the Minister paid a visit to the Department of Pediatric Oncohematology and gave presents to the young patients, the Hospital Pharmacy, where he observed the modern robotic system for the dissolution of cytostatics, the Nuclear Medicine Department, and had a meeting with the media. Minister Ananiev underlined that the proper hospital management, the state-of-the-art equipment and the qualified medical staff were the right way for achieving high results. “It is much better the funds spent for treating Bulgarian citizens abroad to be invested in the hospitals in our country, and why not  offer treatment to foreigners in Bulgaria tomorrow,” said the Minister.

The Activity Report for 2017 revealed that UMHAT “St. Marina” – Varna has 1 392 hospital beds. The hospital has 2 073 employees, more than 529 of whom are senior medical staff – highly qualified university lecturers, national and regional consultants.



The biggest hospital in Eastern Bulgaria, which has already been recognized as the European face of Bulgarian hospital healthcare, provides comprehensive medical care to its patients, including pre-hospital, hospital and emergency care, diagnostics with the most modern and high-tech equipment and expert medical activities. Here Bulgarian patients can get highly specialized medical care, diagnostics and treatment, for which quite recently they had to travel abroad and pay almost unaffordable sums of money to the European hospitals.

The revenues for 2017 at University Hospital “St. Marina” were increased, while the liabilities and arrears to suppliers for medicaments and medical supplies were decreased, and, on the other hand, the average gross salary was raised compared to the previous 2016. In 2017 UMHAT “St. Marina” managed to double its capital and completed the year without any liabilities to the state, the municipality and the personnel. In the course of the last year, the hospital purchased 10 hemodialysis apparatus, ultrasound apparatus for the Pediatric Clinic of Clinical Hematology and Oncology, three apparatus for artificial pulmonary ventilation, surgical video system, mobile C-arm X-ray system for the Orthopedic and Traumatology Clinic, a respirator, apparatus for surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation by cryoablation, and dosimetry apparatus and equipment. Through the President’s Bulgarian Christmas Charity Campaign the hospital obtained a respiratory resuscitation apparatus, fibrobronhoscope, thermo bed, holter, echocardiography system, defibrillator, infusion pump, linear transducer and pediatric endoscopic apparatus for the children’s wards. The First Clinic of Neurological Disorders, the Clinics of Vascular Surgery, Internal Diseases and the Department of Dermatology and Venereology were renovated and modernized. 32 training rooms and three auditoria were modernized and renovated. Moreover, reconstruction of the central and southern entrances was carried out, a new checkpoint was built, the lighting was renovated, an overhaul of the central alley was carried out, and additional parking lot for the staff was built. Funds were invested in state-of-the-art technologies, including a PACS system with remote access to information, a server base, and a remote sensing imaging system. Over the same period, MU – Varna provided two workstation-based echocardiography systems, urology endoscopic equipment and echosonomamograph. The University and the Hospital together carry out socially significant activities at the Museum of the History Medicine.

A new Angiographic Laboratory for Interventional Treatment of Cerebrovascular Diseases, deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices, high-class anaesthesiology complex, local boiler installation and Polysomnography Centre are to be built and purchased, and a Synthesis System for manufacturing patient doses of Gallium – 68 – based radiopharmaceutical is to be introduced as well.

At the beginning of 2018 the Hospital has received an Excellent Accreditation Assessment for its comprehensive medical activities for a five-year term, and on 14th March it was designated as a University Hospital for that period of time by the Government.

The maintenance and development of the facilities is an essential prerequisite for providing quality education to the medical specialists as there is mandatory practical training in the pre-clinical and clinical specialties. More than 5 207 undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students are trained at Medical University – Varna, among them 1400 students from 44 countries, mainly from EU member states. The theoretical and practical training they acquire at MU-Varna is comparable to the best European and world universities.

On Wednesday, the Government decided to grant the rights of the sole owner of the capital in the management of Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment “St. Marina” – Varna to Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” for the duration of the accreditation assessment of the medical establishment as a University Hospital.

Among the positive aspects of this model are stimulating the development of medical science, increasing the motivation of the teaching staff, optimizing the costs and improving the funding of the Hospital; also, the fact that there will be new opportunities for increasing the remuneration of the staff at the University Hospital. The merger will also lead to a more efficient allocation of the financial resources in the healthcare sector and will improve the activities at the hospital. In addition, the opportunities for investment in the facilities and specialized equipment of the medical establishment will be enhanced. The opportunity for practical training in the facilities of the commercial company will become more extensive and will not be restricted by decisions of its management bodies. “Not least, the merger will lead to a better and higher quality service for the patients because they will be treated in a modern, state-of-the-art hospital by qualified medical doctors and University lecturers,” said the Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Ivanov.

The First Training in Ayurveda Will Be Held at the Centre for Eastern Medicine at MU – Varna

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A training course entitled “Ayurveda – Introduction and Diagnostics” is organized for the first time in the Medical University of Varna on March 29th 2018. The course lecturer is the distinguished Indian specialist in Ayurveda medicine and surgery Dr. Noushad from “Atreya” Ayurvedic Medical Centre and Yoga Therapy in Moscow. He is a graduate of the University of Calcutta in India and First Moscow State Medical University “I. M. Sechenov”.

The course is intended for physicians and students in the specialties of medicine, dental medicine and rehabilitation and they will have the chance to get acquainted with the secrets of the ancient Indian system for natural and holistic medicine as well as to enrich their experience in the field of Ayurveda.

The training will take place in the Medical College – Varna and the University Centre for Eastern Medicine. The working language is English and the course participants will obtain a certificate.

The course fee is 50 BGN and should be transferred to the following bank account of MU-Vana:


Branch Varna 


IBAN: BG24STSA93003100040700 

Those who wish to attend the course may enroll at the University Centre for Eastern Medicine and obtain further information on tel. 052/677 272 (Slavka Kasabova) or 0889 930 960 Ass. Dr. Denitsa Grozdeva.